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1 HOLTER CABLE CATALOG Ref Picture Sino-K P.N Description MOQ Price($) SG1180S Mortara 5pcs Mortara and Quinton H12 Holter cable SG5196S Mortara/Burdick H3 Holter cable

2 SG5185S DMS Holter Cable For DMS300-4L 7 leads 5pcs SG7185S Holter Cable For DMS300-4L 7leads SG5191S GE seer GE Seer Light 5 lead Patient Cable and Leadwires SG7191S GE Seer Light 7 lead Patient Cable and Leadwires

3 SG7186S Edan Holter ECG cable 7lead wires SG1186S Holter ECG cable 10 lead wires 5.50 SG1192S Beneware(Hangzhou) Holter cable 10 leadwires

4 SG1193S JINCOMED Holter cable 10 leadwires G5188S Philips Digitrak XT Patient Cable - 24'' 5pcs 18.00

5 G5194S H&L Medical (Beijing) Holter ECG cable 5 leadwire 5pcs SG5195S QUNTIAN (Shanghai) Holter ECG cable 5 leadwire 10pcs SG7195S Holter ECG cable 7 leadwire

6 SG1198B MedEX ECG cable 10 leadwire 10pcs SG5197S Vhlmedical ECG holter cable with 5 leadwire 10pcs More holter cable product,please ask Sino K sales or send to k.com