8 th Grade Pre-Integrated Math

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1 Use order of operations Evaluate expressions Use integers and absolute value Add integers Subtract integers Use inductive reasoning Multiply and divide integers Use properties of numbers Simplify variable expressions Classify and check equations subtracting or dividing Solve 1-step inequalities by adding and subtracting Solve 1-step inequalities by multiplying and dividing Chapter 1 (with pictorial) Chapter 2 (Integrated needed for specific + and of binomials) 0 October 2007 Page 1 of 5 Douglas County School District

2 Determine mean, median, and mode Use formulas subtracting decimals or dividing decimals Use the metric system Determine precise and significant digits Use exponents Use rational numbers Use scientific notation Compare and order fractions Convert between fractions and decimals Add and subtract fractions Multiply and divide fractions Use customary units of measurement subtracting fractions fractions Chapter 3 (Integrated for interquartile range) (formulas) Math Toolbox, pg. 156 (Teacher supplied supplement needed for error and tolerance) Chapter 4 (expressions) Chapter 5 (Teacher needed for mix of all real numbers) Section 8 Chapter 6 Use ratios to find unit rates Use proportions Solve problems using similar figures and scale drawings October 2007 Page 2 of 5 Douglas County School District

3 Determine probability and odds Convert between fractions, decimals, and percents Find percents and parts of a whole Solve percent equations Determine percent of change Find amount of markup and discount Solve 2-step equations Solve multi-step equations Solve multi-step equations with fractions and decimals Solve 2-step inequalities Section 8 Chapter 7 Determine if a relation is a function Solve equations with 2 variables; x-intercept (standard) Find slope and y-intercept Write rules for linear functions Make scatter plots Chapter 8 (identify functions don t do domain & range) & Integrated Math 1 text Chapter 9 Name and recognize points, lines and planes Relate angles and parallel lines Classify polygons Determine angles of a polygon Math Toolbox, pg. 459, for finding angles of a polygon (Teacher needed for using angles of a polygon to reach full standard) October 2007 Page 3 of 5 Douglas County School District

4 Identify congruent triangles Identify characteristics of circles Construct segments and angles Use translations Use rotations Section 8 (Integrated needed for dilation (standard)) 0 (Integrated needed for reflections (standard)) Find square roots and irrational numbers Use the Pythagorean Theorem Use the distance and midpoint formulas Make and use frequency tables and line plots Make histograms Make box-and-whisker plots Make stem-and-leaf plots Use graphs to persuade Count outcomes and determine theoretical probability Determine permutations and combinations without formuals Determine patterns and sequences Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Math Toolbox, pg. 612 Math Toolbox, pg. 618 Chapter 13 October 2007 Page 4 of 5 Douglas County School District

5 Describe how changes in the value of one variable affect the values of the remaining variables in a relation. Use estimation strategies to determine the reasonableness of an answer in mathematical and practical situations. Identify how changes in a dimension of a figure effect changes in its perimeter, area and volume Represent logical relationship using conditional statements. Formulate questions and design a study that guides the collection of data. Teacher supplied resource needed for this standard (2.8.6) Done throughout text no specific section addresses this standard (1.8.6) Teacher supplied resource needed possibly Marilyn Burns About Teaching Mathematics Integrated Math 1 text & teacher provided resource needed Integrated Math 1 text & teacher provided resource needed for formulate/design October 2007 Page 5 of 5 Douglas County School District