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1 Vasco Traveler 7 USER MANUAL ENGLISH

2 Copyright 2018 Vasco Electronics LLC

3 Table of contents 1. Operation of the device Function keys Battery charging Memory card In-built SIM card Top-up Account balance SIM card costs SIM card expiration Telephone number Own SIM card First start-up 8 2. Vasco Settings Networks WiFi settings Change the network operator manually Device Application language Brightness Auto-rotate screen Automatic unattended updates Check for updates About Advanced settings Mobile network settings 13 Specification 15

4 4 1. Operation of the device V+ V Loudspeaker 2. Earphone input 3. USB 4. Cover lift 5. Volume 6. Power ON/OFF 7. Loudspeaker 8. SIM card 9. SD card Function keys Power Device turned off: hold this key for 5 seconds to turn on the device

5 5 Working device: push this key to block the screen, push again to unblock push and hold the key for 2 seconds and tap Power off to turn the device off push and hold the key for 2 seconds and tap Reboot to reboot the device push and hold the key for 2 seconds and tap airplane mode to activate flight mode; flight mode disconnects GSM, WiFi and GPS; repeat these steps to deactivate flight mode push and hold the key for 2 seconds and tap to activate silent mode, all the sounds will be turned off push and hold the key for 2 seconds and tap to turn off the sound but turn on vibration push and hold the key for 2 seconds and tap to turn all the sounds on Volume Working device: push up or down to increase or decrease the volume. You will see the following icon. Tap and hold the blue dot and swipe left to decrease and right to increase the volume: 1.2 Battery charging Plug the charger into an electric socket and the USB cable into the device in order to charge the battery. The battery indicator moves to charging mode. The battery is fully charged after about 4 hours.

6 6 After the battery is charged, remove the charger and the USB cable. WARNING: Charge the battery in a well-ventilated area between 14 F and 95 F (-10oC to +35oC). To charge the battery use the charger provided by the manufacturer. Using any other charger may damage the device. 1.3 Memory card The device is provided with a memory card. Removing and/or damaging the card may cause incorrect functioning of the device. In the event of damaging the card, contact the seller. 1.4 In-built SIM card The device is equipped with an in-built, international SIM card that allows you to answer free incoming calls in over 160 countries. To check the current list of the countries and available services, visit: The in-built SIM card is a pre-paid card. It does not require any contract Top-up The card is active and topped-up with $10. To top up your card, visit: The top-up expires after 24 months Account balance To check your account balance, find Account balance in the main menu and tap it. You can also check your account balance by making a call. Just dial the number and you will receive information about your balance. Account balance information can be checked by dialling 099.

7 SIM card costs To check rates and coverage, visit: The cost may vary depending on the country. The caller will pay according to the price list of his/her operator. The call is treated as a call to the European Union SIM card expiration The SIM card expires 2 years after the last operation. In order to prolong the expiry date, use the device (make a call, send SMS or use data transfer). The top-up expires after 12 months Telephone number Your telephone number starts with +372 or The complete number is under the cover of the battery, on the protective case or on the inner side of the box. WARNING! Do not bend or scratch the SIM card. The SIM card should not be exposed to water, dust, or electricity. 1.5 Own SIM card The device is equipped with two SIM card slots. One is used by the in-built SIM card. The second slot can be used for your own SIM card. WARNING! Using your own SIM card may incur additional costs in roaming by your operator. Before inserting your own SIM card, please contact your carrier and consult the costs. The seller does not take any responsibility for costs incurred by using your own SIM card.

8 8 After inserting your own SIM card, go to the settings and choose SIM management. You can set default cards for actions such as audio calls, SMS, data transfer, etc. 1.6 First start-up When turning on the device for the first time, choose the language and read the terms and conditions. Confirm that you understand and accept. The default language changes the regional settings of the device the language of the menu and the keyboard. After turning on the device you will see a blocked screen. Swipe left or right to unblock the device. The main screen of the device shows available functions and applications. Slide up or down in order to move between the functions and applications. Tap the name of the application to run it. Swipe left or right to see other applications and those recommended by our team. In order to install the recommended applications, tap its name and follow the instructions. Please note that you need a Google account to install these applications. The device is equipped with Play Store that allows you to search for, download and install any application. Play Store requires a Google account. 2. Vasco Settings Vasco Settings help you quickly adjust the most important settings such as menu language, WiFi configuration and updates.

9 9 2.1 Networks WiFi settings Go to Vasco Settings and choose WiFi configuration. You can manage your WiFi networks here. If you see WiFi is off, tap the WiFi icon at the bottom of the screen. The device will search for available wireless networks. In order to connect to an available WiFi, just tap its name. If the network is secured with a password, you will see a padlock icon next to it. If you have the password, tap the network name and type it in. If you don t have the password, choose another network. After typing the password, the padlock icon doesn t disappear. Range the more green lines the icon shows, the more stable the network is. ATTENTION! If the device is within range of an open WiFi network, it will connect to it automatically. Please note that some open networks may need additional actions to be taken, such as logging in with a Facebook account or accepting the terms and conditions Change the network operator manually WARNING! This function is not visible if the device does not recognise the SIM card. This function allows you to connect to a chosen GSM network operator in the country you re in. Make sure you have a WiFi or GSM connection. Choose the continent you re in, e.g., Europe.

10 10 Choose the country, you re in, e.g., France. You will see the list of the preferred operators in this country. Tap Choose a network operator, read the information and confirm by tapping Yes. Read the information and confirm that you understand. The device will look for available GSM networks. Choose the one you saw on the list and tap its name in order to connect to it. The device will register in the chosen network. Done. You can now use the device. WARNING! If the device goes out of range of the preferred operator, it will not connect to any other network automatically. Repeat the steps and tap Select automatically in order to get back to the previous settings. 2.2 Device Application language Allows you to quickly change the language of the menu and keyboard. Go to Vasco Settings and tap Application language. You will see the list of available languages. Tap the chosen language and confirm Brightness - Adjust the screen brightness manually or automatically Auto-rotate screen - Turn on/off screen autorotation Automatic unattended updates - Turn on/off automatic background updates Check for updates

11 11 ATTENTION! You need a WiFi connection in order to download system updates. If a new version of the software is available, you will see information about it after tapping Check for updates. In order to update the device, download and install the application, tap OK and reboot the device. If there are no new updates you will see No new updates. You can find the version ID in About in the top right corner of the screen. If you see Device not registered, please contact the seller About Shows the terms and conditions and the disclaimer as well as the version of the software and the unique code of your device. 3. Advanced settings Advanced settings allow you to change the following options: Wireless & networks WiFi Bluetooth SIM cards SIM slot 1 Preferred SIM for Mobile data Calls SMS messages Data usage

12 12 More Aeroplane mode Default SMS app Tethering & portable hotspot (for advanced users) VPN Virtual Private Network (for advanced users) Mobile networks Data roaming Preferred networks Preferred network type Access point names Network operators Device Display Sound & notification Storage Battery shows the detailed use of the battery Apps (for advanced users) Users Personal Location Security Accounts Language & Input Backup & Reset System Date & Time Scheduled power on & off Accessibility

13 13 Printing About tablet 3.1 Mobile network settings Vasco Traveler is equipped with an in-built SIM card that enables it to connect to the Internet all over the world. If the device is within range of a GSM network, it will connect to it automatically without any need for configuration. If the translator does not work and you see network error, make sure that the SIM cards is inserted in the device and properly installed. If yes, go to Settings and: Find SIM cards and turn 3G modem on by swiping the bar right. Cellular data field should say EE EMT: Now go back and choose More. Tap Cellular networks and Access Point Names.

14 14 Choose EMT Internet and APN, and delete whatever is written in this field. Type instead. Type in your telephone number to the Username field. Start with Now tap Data roaming and swipe the bar right. Data roaming should be turned on. Vasco Traveler should now work properly. If it still doesn t work, please check your account balance or contact the seller.

15 15 Specification Display Processor RAM ROM 3G modem Wi-Fi Battery Size 7 IPS, 1024x600 pxls MT8321, 4x 1.3 GHz 1 GB, DDR3 8 GB Yes b/g/n 2800 mah, lithium-ionium 7.45 x 4.3 x 0.44 in (189 x 109 x 11 mm) Weight 0.62 Ib (279 g) Earphone input USB SD card slot Camera Mini Jack (3.5 mm) Micro USB Micro SD (up to 32GB) Front: 2 Mpx, Rear: 5 Mpx

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