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1 LL-C (Certification) Services Overview

2 Who is LL-C (Certification)? LL-C (Certification) is an international certification body operating in more than 40 countries with experience in the field. Provides services for certification, inspection, organization of training courses and update compliance assessments. Why LL-C? Each customer to select the certification body decides on the basis of a number of factors and evaluations. From our point of view the most important factors are: Competence of the evaluator The staff responsible for LL-C (Certification) in addition to the obvious knowledge of standards also possesses the necessary knowledge of the legal regulations, in particular about the regulation that regulates aspects concerning the working environment in the business field of the client. Integrated quality management system Our prices The goal is not to burden the customer with requests concerning requirements that are already fulfilled by his quality management system but rather to check with the customer all possible cases to ensure that the management system is not split or unnecessarily complicated causing a less effective system and rising costs and time to complete a work. Drawing up the quote for our services we always have in mind the fact that our customers, to be competitive, has to control their own costs. For this reason the offered prices take into account the current market situation to be objective and highly competitive in the actual economic situation.

3 Certification Services LL-C (Certification) provides certification services in a wide range of schemes. Among them are the following international standards and regulations: Management systems certification according to ISO 9001 and OHSAS Environment and Energy management system certification according to ISO and ISO IT sector certification according to ISO and ISO Food safety certification according to FSSC 22000, ISO 22000, ISO and HACCP. Quality management system and medical devices certification according to ISO Good manufacturing practice certification in the cosmetics industry according to ISO Certification of the quality management system and control of the treatment of metal scrap according to Council Regulation (EU) No. 333/2011. Certification of welding and welded parts according to ISO /3/4, ISO /2, ISO /2, EN /2/3 and EN Qualification of welding procedures WPQR and welders qualification testing according to EN 287-1, EN 1418 and other. Product certification and conformity assessing according to the following national and European regulations: EN , EN , EN and EN Inspection and testing of IBC/ISO containers, conformity assessment of recreational craft according to Directive 94/25/EC of the European Parliament and Council (Government Decree 174/2005 Coll.).

4 LL-C certificates recognition LL-C operates with the CAI accreditation (Czech Accreditation Institute) which is member of the International Accreditation Forum IAF and is an internationally approved accreditation body. LL-C (Certification) is notified for Regulation (EU) No. 305/ Construction products. The product range is under European harmonized standards EN (Execution of the steel and aluminium structures) as well as under EN , EN , EN , EN (Raw materials). LL-C (Certification) is also notified for the Directive 2006/42/EC on machinery. The product range is under no. 17 (Annex 4) of the Directive 2006/42/EC on machinery. Is possible to verify our notification on the Nando (New Approach Notified and Designated Organisations) web page. Experience and expertise Many years of work experience in the certification sector give to LL-C (Certification) the right skills and methodologies in dealing with any type of situation and demand about every international standard and to recognise every possible weak point in a management system. The different needs and situations are always related to current regulations in force nationally and internationally providing a service attentive as much as possible to the context and to fulfil the requirements according to support the customer properly. The accreditations held are to prove the effective recognition of these skills in every country in which LL-C (Certification) is active, a further guarantee for our customers, clients that are currently distributed throughout the world and continuously increasing.

5 How we operate We respect all the requirements of standards and regulations that regulate the performance of the audit. We recommend only what contributes to our clients competitiveness. Our remarks include also potentials financial risks. We offer competitive prices for the provision of our services. We offer a loyalty program when moving to our services from other certification bodies. Audits are carried out only in the language of the customer. We manage and make available for confirmation the name of certified companies. We respect the requirements of the regulations in force in the country in which our clients operates. We provide continuous training to our auditors. How we do not operate The certificate is not issued before obtaining the necessary evidences. We do not release certificates without having carried out the audit. We do not raise the price to allow our clients to use our logo. We do not work with not qualified auditors for sectors in which we operate.

6 Price competitiveness The certification audit in the company in accordance with ISO is performed in 2 stages. At the end of first stage our auditors will discuss with you the weak points of your management system. The carrying out of the two stages without a pause will allow you to cut expenses. We use expert auditors undergo stringent tests and who proved their skills. Are you certified by another Certification Body Give us the final documentation (report) of the previously done audit. We will analyze it and we will propose you a price for the recertification and not for a new certification. If during the validity period of your certificate you decide to move to our services then than the proposed offer will be from the first or second follow-up audit. Also you will get: Certificate based on European format with international accreditation, recognized and valid worldwide; Stable price throughout certificate validity, period regardless of the currency exchange and inflation; The identification of critical points in the manufacturing and services; The improvement of your operational performances; An experienced and reliable partner able to understand and deal properly with standards requirements.

7 ERCA (European Register of Certified Auditors) LL-C (Certification) is one of the main ERCA (European Register of Certificated Auditors) partners and organizes various training courses under ERCA accreditation ERCA Certificate ERCA certificate proves the skill and knowledge level of professionals in various fields of industry, trade, science and social sciences, which will be accepted not only across Europe. ERCA membersip ERCA has developed the system of multinational membership. ERCA Member ensures training, while ERCA itself shall ensure independent and fair examination and issuance of a certificate. ERCA approves as a member those organizations that have demonstrated the required technical and training expertise and have the capability to assess and examine the performance of potential auditors or professionals. Our main goals of the organization of ERCA training courses Expansion of knowledge, education and practical education of persons in various fields especially as auditing, inspection and certification activities worldwide; Strengthening the perception of the profession of auditor or inspector as a highly professional and attractive large community in the production and services with high added value; Support for increasing the professional level of employees and creating additional training, education and certification opportunities for all candidates.

8 References Below is a brief list of organizations, companies and firms certified by LL-C (Certification) worldwide.

9 LL-C (Certification) Czech Republic s.r.o. supports humanitarian projects through the nonprofit organization International Humanity. CZECH-SLOVAK HOSTITAL IN MALAWI

10 Headquarters LL-C (Certification) Czech Republic s.r.o. Pobřežní, 620/ Praha 8 - Karlín -