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1 IPBX 系列 A Better Way To Communicate Best Communication Tool for SMB -- Essence Technology IPBX series Multi-Service IP PBX

2 IP PBX will be the VoIP main trend for SMB According to the statistics, the export value of VoIP in Taiwan is up to hundred billion NT dollars. Apart from IP phones and VoIP gateways, IP PBX is going to be main product. IP PBX integrates voice and data into a single network that meet the enterprises needs. Trends and Chances in VoIP market for SMB The communication costs become a fixed expense, not an uncontrollable expense. Enterprises cannot accept VoIP gateways with limited function. What they need is a product that can save the communication and management costs. The integration of voice and data with Network will be the important application to SMB. The cost of establishing VoIP structure is low and and raise the working efficiency. Able to communicate locally and remotely with many people at the same time. Meet-me conference. Emplyee communication and on-line management. Remote office and portable number applications Internet customer service. Mobile communication and office is good for sales. Maintain the quality and safety of VoIP for enterprises. Many international companies such as Cisco, Avaya and Nortel are eager to enter the VoIP market. However, the products are expensive and complicated, and cannot meet the SMB s needs. Companies install IP PBX require not only having the thorogh function of traditional PABX, but also having auto-attendant, voice mail, meet-me conference, extensions cross regions and small customer service system. With all these functions, companies san lower the communications cost and increase extensions freely. Moreover, the interface is easy to use and easy to deply!

3 What is IP PBX? The core product at enterprise s level for IP phones isn IP PBX. With the technology of IP packages exchange, IP PBX have most traditional PBX voice functions, and integrates voice and data into single network so as to lower the costs. IP PBX creates intramural extensions at enterprises to have overall functions. Essence Technology uses SIP SIP(Session Initialtion Protocol) is drawn up in 1999, and is the most commonly used with highest capatibility. SIP s commands is simple, able to remove the limitation of firewall or NAT, and more flexible than H.323. SIP can also integrate with other internet technology such as http, SMTP, RTSP and so on in order to provide voice and multi media communication services. 3G and IP communication will use SIP in the future. What is ITSP? ITSP (Internet Telephony Service Provider is a company provides telephony network, and a bridge between IP and traditional telephony. Users include persons and industries. ITSP are increasing such as Taiwan Fixed Network, Taiwan Telecommunication Network in Taiwan, or VONAGE in north America. ITSPs start to provide VoIP services. Take VONAGE as example, 1. Cost of dialing local calls and long-distant calls in north America: US$24.99 per month (family) and US$49.99 per month (company) 2. The registered client can connect to VONAGE server with any broadband service. 3. Provide local phone number for traditional phone to dial in.

4 Best VoIP solutions for enterprises The need of network communication for SMB is booming in recent years. According to the survey of estimating IP PBX for SMB market done by Gartner, the CARG of global IP PBX from 2005 to 2008 is 30%, and SMB is the main market. In the past, it costs a lot to purchas VoIP equipment and leads SMB or SOHO cannot afford it. Essence Technology s solution will change the situation. Features of Essence Technology Secure IPBX series are: 1. Overall IP PBX products at enterprise level: IP PBX is the VoIP core system for enterprises. It can expand the features and functions of company s voice telephony, and covers data, voice and media services such as unified messaging. It includes following unique functions: Auto Provision Auto Attendant Meet-Me Conference Broadcasting Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) Recording WebCall 2. VoIP secure module IPSec81003 gives best protection of Industrial VoIP including: Smart QoS control to ensure high voice quality. High-speed packages refilling to prevent from hackers and SPIT. High VoIP exchanging speeed, up to 200 concurrent calls. High-speed VPN encryption, and up to 200 concurrent calls can both have secure and quality. Supprot Multi-WAN to ensure the relable broadband service. 3. FXO/FXS interface card with software and hardware solutions: IP PBX can connect to traditional telephony network and equipment. Customer can choose based on their needs. FXO interface card: with 4-port or 8-port, and can connect to PSTN. FXS interface card: can connect to analog devices such as fax machine. 4. ISDN FXO interface card: especially for European market needs.

5 MODEL IPBX-1825 IPBX-1823 IPBX-1802 IPBX-1801 IPBX-1800MX IPBX-1800 Concurrent Calls Registrar Voice Mail FXO Max 16 Max 16 Max 4 Max 4 NA NA FXS Max 8 Max8 Max 4 Max 4 NA NA Meet-me Conference Call Max 24 Max 18 Max 8 Max 8 Max 6 NA IVR Y Y Y Y Y Y Platform Rack Mont Rack Mont Desktop Desktop Desktop Desktop EST58800 Security Chip Upgradeable Y Y N N N N Essence thorough product line can fulfill the benefits of integrating network including raise the productivity and flexibility, lower the cost, integrate with the existing communication system, provide upgradable nwtwork and ensure the investiment of network equipment. At the same time, Essence Technology offers total solution to meet needs of the SMB, branches and small offices.

6 Powerful Communication Management Raise the productivity Essence Technology announced to release IPBX series in Not only with functions of being an IP PBX, but also have functions such as meet-me conference, router, firewall, gateway, VPN, SIP proxy server, SIP register. IPBX series provide overall IP PBX services. Essence IPBX is a MULTINATIONAL router Create local phone numbers in various countries. IPBX-1825 is the most powerfule IP PBX in IPBX series. It is especially for SMB with 100 to 200 members and suitable for headquarters of a company. A company only has to apply for a local representative number from local ITSP, and need to communicate with local customers or when the local customers need support, the company only has to dial from the headquarter with local rate and vise versa. The company do not to have branches overseas. For example, Company A found headquarter in Taiwan and has an IPBX-1825 with build-in USA local number, issued by a USA ITSP. Customers of Company A in America can dial to contact the headquarter in Taiwan. Customers only have to pay local rate and hear the English IVR.

7 Multilanguage IVR Via internet to connect with ITSPs worldwide, headquarters can answer phones from all over the world. In order to be friendly to customers, the IVR of IPBX-1825 can have different languages based on calls from different countries.

8 Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) SMB can easily serve customers from various regions with IPBX build-in customer service function such as ACD. SMB can use this to create 0800 free customer service with the lowest cost. Moreover, members are not limited to work in the office. They can provide services through the internet. All customer calls can be automatically distributed by IPBX-1825 in order to provide the best service to customers.

9 Meet-Me Conference Server Aim to SMB with frequently telephone meetings, Essence IPBX series provide the meet-me conference function that can have up to 24 people meeting at the same time. All attendants can join the meeting via intranet, internet or analog phones. This function also has password control. It can simplify the meeting progress, lower the cost, raise the communication and managing efficiency.

10 Portable Number Essence IP PBX products offer portable number. If an extension in the office is not answered, IP PBX can transfer the call to mobile phone or any other communication equipment with the proper configuration. For example, if a member is away on official business, he/she can connect to the internet with note book, and use soft phone with his/her own extension in the office to call out or receive calls. No matter where you are, you won t miss important calls. This is very convenient for people frequently out of office.

11 WebCall Companies can add WebCall function to their websites for customer service. Users can use this function with Microsoft Internet Explorer without installing any software, and the call will be encrypted. Customers can call to customer service when browsing the web pages, and its toll-free. This is the nearly toll-free telephone service. Together with portable number will not miss the calls. For example, if a insurance broker or a car salesman is away on official business, he/she can use this function with portable number to transfer calls to personal phone and won t miss any chances. On-line sales can use WebCall to directly contact clients without any extra cost. Those SMB that is new to VoIP IP PBX can use this just like Skype in intranet without purchasing IP phones to enjoy the advantages of IPBX series.

12 Comparison Among Terminals of Essence IPBX Series SMBs can have various VoIP terminals based on their office environment and budget. VoIP Terminals are: 1. IP Phone: the standard VoIP equipment for offices, it is similar to the traditional telephone, and with higher voice quality and stability. 2. WiFi Phone: This is used in wireless internet areas, the voice quality is based on the quality of wirless internet, but with high-mobility. 3. Soft Phone: The lowest cost is to have PC together with soft phone. This is convenient to use but need to operate via PC. 4. VoIP Gateway : need to be together with analog phones, low cost, but few functions. 5. Dual Mode Phone: A single mobile phone with 3G and WiFi. It is very convenient and can configure office extension and mobile phone number into one mobile phone. Type IP Phone WiFi Phone Soft Phone VoIP Gateway Dual Mode Cellular Phone Voice Quality High Medium High High Medium Price USD 80~300 USD 250~350 USD 10 USD 50 USD 400 Convenience Low High Medium Medium High Transferring interface Ethernet WiFi Ethernet/WiFi Ethernet WFi Function Many Few Many Few Average All devices with SIP standard are compatible with Essence IP PBX. Customers can build the system based on their requirements including the considerations of cost and mobility, diversity of products and flexibility of the system.

13 Comparison among Multi-service IP PBX, IPBX-1825 and traditional PBX Traditional PBX can be replaced with IPBX Compare with Cisco 12800, IPBX-1825 has more functions. With only 1/3 of traditional PBX cost, users can enjoy IPBX-1825 with high-efficiency, powerful, and easy to operate interface. Moreover, it saves large amount of communicating and managing costs. Meet-me Conference N/A support 24 people Additional - DSP Farm ( US$1,000) Item Traditional PBX Essence Multi-service IP PBX IPBX-1825 Cisco ISR 2800 ( Bundle Part Number : Cisco 2821-CCME/K9) PBX Function Call Transfer Call Pick-up 3-way Call Portable Number N/A Speed Dial Remote control Optional Recording Optional CDR N/A Prompts Optional 8 outside - Cisco 4 ports Inside/Outside Line 8 outside 100 inside 16 outside 200 inside FXO:US$ inside - CCME-48 Analog/Digital line Analog IP digital IP digital Caller ID display N/A Life-Line Standby Battery UPS & Life Line Module UPS VoIP Voice Compression N/A G.711 / 723 / 729 G.711 / 723 / 729 VoIP Protocol N/A SIP Skinny SIP ACD Additional Additional Voice Mail Optional build-in 40GB hard disk IVR Optional Up to 3-layered IVR Additional - Cisco Unity Express Voice Mail Server ( US$2,200) Buildin Cisco Unity Express Voice

14 Item Traditonal PBX Essence Multi-service IP PBX IPBX-1825 Cisco ISR 2800 ( Bundle Part Number : Cisco 2821-CCME/K9) Networking Function Gateway N/A IP share ( NAT ) N/A QoS N/A Network interface (WAN) N/A Fixed IP PPPoE DHCP Fixed IP PPPoE DHCP DynamicDNS N/A VPN N/A Additional IPSEC8100 acceleration card can provide 200 VPN calls Additional AIM-VPN/EPII-PLUS (US$2,500), Throughput 100Mbps Additonal IOS 12.3T Advanced Firewall N/A IPSEC8100acceleration card Security Software, Bandwidth up to 200Mbps) Throughput < 150Mbps Expendability N/A up to 4 IPBX-1825 stackable Auto Provision N/A N/A WebCall N/A N/A IP PBX Distributions (Internet/Intranet) N/A Data and Voice Integrateion CDR N/A Distant Call Limitation Optional SMS N/A N/A System Core System Traditional Intel IXP CPU/ Linux platform PowerPC CPU / Linux platform Firmware Upgrade Local, RS-232 Local, RS-232; Remote, HTTP Local, RS-232; Remote, HTTP Configuration Local, RS-232 Remote, HTTP Web Based GUI Remote, HTTP Web Based GUI

15 Advantages of IPBX-1825 Save the cost: The additional cost of constructing IP phone for enterprises (1) Fixed cost: including costs of construction and maintenance. Comparing with the traditional cost, the cost of construction is higher, but the maintenance and managing costs are lower. As a consequence, the total cost of IP PBX in three years is lower than traditional PBX. Moreover, as IP phones with SIP are producing on large scale, the cost of IP phones is getting lower. IP-PBX PBX Construction cost 10,000 10,000 Line-arrangement cost 0 30,000 Equipment 120,000 80,000 Phone 100,000 40,000 Maintenance 0 30,000 Management 0 20,000 First-year cost 235, ,000 Second-year cost 0 50,000 Third-year cost 0 50,000 Total cost 235, ,000 (2) Variable cost: Mainly communication cost Take an international company with 30 to 40 members for example. The headquarters has an IPBX-1825, and branch offices have IPBX-1801s. The cost among extension calls in the company is free. The calls to overseas, mobile or long distance can save the cost via ITSP. The telephone cost of the company per month is: Destination Time Rate (NT$) (mins) CHT 009 APOL 005 TFN 006 Sparq 007 IPBX-1825 with ITSP Taipei local calls 7,200 3,727 3,840 3,680 3,888 3,680 Branch in Shanghai 2,000 13,500 8,900 23,200 22,800 0 Changhai local call 800 5,400 3,560 9,280 9,120 2,480 Branch in San Francisco 2,200 14,850 13,200 12,540 11,800 0 San Francisco local call 500 3,415 3,036 2,884 2,714 1,550 Calls to mobile or long-distant calls 1,300 5,631 8,710 4,940 8,450 4,940 Total - 46,523 41,246 56,524 58,772 12,650 It can save about 75% to 80% call and management cost by using Essence IPBX series.

16 Convenient for marketing: If a company need to have a local representative phone number overseas, the company only has to apply a local number from the local ITSP, the IPBX-1825 in headquarters can connect to ITSP server via network. When the headquarter dial to the local numbers, only local call rate is needed. In this way, the company can save the long distant cost and service the remote customers without branch offices overseas. Easy to install, high compatibility: Essence Technology provides not only detail quick installation guide but also thorough administration guide for network manager. IPBX-1825 gathers router, firewall, gateway, VPN, SIP proxy server, and SIP register into one box. This can lower the cost and ease to manage. Moreover, IPBX seirs uses SIP of RFC3261 that can connect to all devices with SIP. It also can compatible with the existing telecommunication equipment such as traditional PBX. Existing Router/PBX IPBX series can link to other VoIP devices, and then connect to bandwidth via original router to communicate. There is no need to change the router or firewall. IPBX-1825 IPBX can also link to the existing traditional PBX to transform the tradional voice service into VoIP.

17 New Company or Office IPBX series have build-in router to directly connect with broadband to communicate. IPBX-1825/1823 can add in IPSEC81003 voice security acceleration card to upgrade the system as three-in-one, IP PBX, router and firewall and become the best application for SMB internet. IPBX-1825

18 User-friendly GUI: IPBX series is together with thorough administration guide for administrator to structure the environment. Moreover, IPBX series have simple and friendly graphic user interface (GUI) for user to set configuration. Administrators can configure all functions, track CDR and limitations via GUI. Easy to maintain:ipbx-1825 can maintain remotely in order to control, configure, update, debug and so on. This will lower the cost of technique support and raise the efficiency and quality of technical services.

19 Advantages of IPBX series for SMB: High security:extensions within the company do not have to go through internet to soft switch which will have their privacy. Avoiding the risk of going through the inetnet, IPBX series can go with VPN to have secure connection. Toll-saving: IPBX-1825 together with ITSP to provide hop-on and hop-off services. Toll Bypass:IPBX-1825 can directly connects with another IPBX-1825 without the soft switch provided by ITSP and it s toll bypass. Toll Saving:Cooperate with ITSPs in different countries to lower the remote communication (international calls, long-distant calls, mobile phone calls and so on) cost.

20 Enterprises are gradually not satisfied with traditional PBX. So, 3M (Management, Multimedia and Mobility) becomes the foundation of the IP PBX market. Changing of Management Company has more its own right to handle The first M is Management. In the past, many enterprises rely on the PBX companies to maintain the telephone network, and cannot handle themselves. Moreover, Once lines of PBX is full, it can not expand. Not only have to pay the maintenance cost, but also waste the invested PBX. More importantly, the enterpirses cannot have its own right to handle. On the other hand, IP PBX are designed with Web GUI. It is just like to have a new network server for MIS. MIS only has to configure in advance and can manage through computer browser wherever they are. Multimedia integration is the market trend. Multimedia is the second M. The most attractive point of IP PBX for enterprises is that IP PBX provides the idea of integration, which is add-on multimedia value. IP PBX applications are not only dialing call, receiving calls or telephone exchange, but also includes other communication services such as voice, data, video, live meeting, virtual conference room, presence function, voice mail play, telephone recording and so on. With overall services, companies do not have to purchase different equipment for diiferent needs that can lower the cost. IP PBX is far beyond traditional PBX, and it is like a strong enterprise-level communication server integrated with file server, web server, IM, call center, IP sharing and so on. All you can imagine of IP services can be integrated into a single IP PBX. High communicate mobility at enterprise level: The third M is Mobility. IP PBX can provide personal services especially for road warriors, telecommuters, salesmen, campus nomads and SOHOs. When employees are not in the office, any calls to their extensions can transfer to personal mobile, home number or soft phone in note book once the IP PBX is configured. In this way, they won t miss any call. Moreover, the voice mail can be sent to personal box. Through the mobility and single number connection can strengthen the working efficiency and customer s satisfaction. In the future, IP PBX will integrate with 3G to have live meeting or frame cut. All you can image of IP services can be integrated into a single IP PBX.

21 Support calls cross region Hop-on/Hop-off Meet-Me Conference Toll-bypass for calls from headquarters to overseas branch offices through dialing extensions. Using hop-on and hop-off service to cooperate with local ITSP, and only have to pay local call rate. Meet-me conference with up to 24 people. Only password is required. IVR Build-in 3-layered IVR function without extra cost. Voice Mail Powerful voice mail and able to receive the voice messages via web or . Expandable Stack up to 4 IPBX boxes via LAN. ACD Fast build low cost customer service center. WebCall The most efficient and toll-free communication between consumers and companies. Remote control Save large amount of maintenance cost, and able to live control and fix through web-based GUI.

22 About Essence Technology Essence Technology is one of the leading VoIP total solution provider. Based on our key technology and advanced test plan, we provide various competitive products such as IP PBX, FXO/FXS card and Security acceleration card to customers worldwide. Essence Technology was found in Taipei, Essence Technology also has a branch office in Shanghai in order to serve more customers in the near place. For latest news and more information, please visit our site at Contact Us TEL: 886-(2) FAX: 886-(2)