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1 Xitanium LED driver Datasheet Xitanium LED drivers linear HV non-isolated Enabling future-proof LED technology Xitanium LED drivers are designed to operate LED solutions for general lighting applications such as linear lighting, as well as down lighting and spot/accent lighting. Reliability is enhanced by specific features that protect the connected LED module, e.g. hot wiring, reduced ripple current and thermal de-rating. Most drivers feature central D operation. In the coming years LEDs will continue to increase in efficiency, creating generation and complexity challenges for OEMs. With Xitanium LED drivers, flexibility in luminaire design is assured thanks to an adjustable output current. Application-oriented operating windows offer the flexibility required to provide the stable lumen output and light quality levels that lighting specifiers and architects demand. enefits Features Application High reliability underpinned by 5 year Up to 95 efficiency, lowest cost and smallest 17W, 36W and 75W LED drivers for warranty Future-proof flexibility - dimensions Operating windows - output current can be adjusted office applications 110W and 150W LED drivers for application-oriented operating via the Philips MultiOne configurator (TD drivers) or industry, warehouses, public areas, windows enable LED generation and with a resistor outside the driver distribution centers and shopping complexity management ompatibility - adjustable output current enables operation of various LED solutions from different manufacturers or OEM own designs Flicker and noise free diing with all Touch and DALI LED drivers due to amplitude diing (AM) Reduced ripple current and thermal de-rating for increased reliability Multiple versions - DALI diable & prograable, 1-10V diable, and fixed-output; All T5 form factors but various lengths Longer life time (100khrs), improved surge and burst (4kV) and Tambient (-40 to +60 ) specifications malls

2 Electrical input data Rated input voltage range Vac Rated input voltage 230 Vac Rated input frequency range Hz Rated input current 0.3 max output rated input voltage Rated input power 66 max output rated input voltage Power factor 0.9 Total harmonic distortion performance range Efficiency max output rated input voltage Rated input voltage D range Vdc Rated input current D range 0.3 Adc Input voltage A range Vac Operational range Input frequency A range Hz Operational range Input voltage D range Vdc Operational range Isolation input to performance range Electrical output data Regulation method onstant urrent Output voltage Vdc Output voltage max. 250 V Peak voltage at open load Output current A Full output current setting Output current tolerance ±5 Output current ripple LF 4 Output current ripple HF 4 Output power W Full output ontrol method Fixed Galvanic Isolation NA Ripple = peak / average Electrical data controls input Logistical data Product name Order code Logistic code 12N Pieces per box 24 2/7

3 Wiring & onnections Input wire cross-section AWG Input wire strip length Output wire cross-section AWG Output wire strip length Maximum cable length 2000 Total length of wiring including LED module, one way. For longer wiring please double check EMI behavior of luminaire. Dimensions and weight Length (A1) 280 Width (1) 30 Height (1) 16 Fixing hole diameter (D1) 4.1 Fixing hole distance (A2) 270 Weight 167 gram Operational temperatures and humidity Ambient temperature º Higher ambient temperature allowed as long as Tcase-max is not exceeded. Tcase-max 75 º lifetime 50khrs; Tcase-life 65 º lifetime 100khrs; Measured at Tc-point Maximum housing temperature 110 º In case of a failure Relative humidity n-condensing 3/7

4 Storage temperature and humidity Ambient temperature º Relative humidity n-condensing Driver lifetime 100,000 hours Measured temperature at Tcase-point is Tcase-life. Lifetime Maximum failures = 10 Prograable features Remark Set output current (AO) SimpleSet See Design-in guide. Default output current: = 80 ma LED module temperature derating (MTP) onstant Lumen Over Lifetime (LO) D emergency diing (DemDIM) orridor mode Energy metering Diagnostics Adjustable Light Output ALO Remark Features Open load protection Yes Automatic recovering Short circuit protection Yes Automatic recovering Over power protection Yes Automatic recovering Hot wiring Suitable for fixtures with protection class I 4/7 per IE60598

5 ertificates and standards Approval marks / E / ENE Ingress Protection classification 20 Inrush current Inrush current Ipeak 18.1 A Input voltage 230V Inrush current Twidth 256 µs Input voltage 230V, measured at 50 Ipeak Drivers / M 16A type 26 pcs M Rating Relative number of LED drivers 10A 63 13A 81 16A 100 (stated in datasheet) 20A A A A A A A 260 Driver touch current / protective conductor current Typical protective conductor current (ins. lass I) < 0.4 ma rms Acc. IE LED module contribution not included Mains surge iunity (diff. mode) 1 kv Acc. IE Ohm, 1.2/50us, 8/20us Mains surge iunity (co. mode) 2 kv Acc. IE Ohm, 1.2/50us, 8/20us Surge iunity 5/7

6 Graphs Operating window Power factor versus output power Efficiency versus output power 6/7

7 THD versus output power 2017 Philips Lighting Holding.V. All rights reserved. This document contains information relating to the Philips Lighting portfolio, intended for companies who may be interested in developing their product offering. te that the information provided is subject to change. Philips Lighting does not give any representation or warranty as to the accuracy or completeness of the information included herein and shall not be liable for any action in reliance thereon. The information presented in this document is not intended as any coercial offer and does not form part of any quotation or contract. Date of release: August 15, 2017 v1