Employee Staff Scholarship Few Waiver (PC191) AS IS

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1 ean/vp/esignee irector Employee Employee Staff Scholarship Few Waiver (PC191) S IS Pg.1 Sept 4,,2014 STRT Complete PC191 Print/Sign Form Pg2 Benefits Correct information E P4 P5 P7 P8 P9 2 Review pprove? Notify Employee P8 P9 pprove B P8 P9

2 Benefits Employee Staff Scholarship Few Waiver (PC191) S IS B Pg.2 Sept 4,2014 Review Validate Employee FTE Verify Registered (SFREGF) Registered Too Early? Correction Needed? ttending UoM? pprove employee to cancel registration C employee to provide correction To Pg1 Make Copy Batch & File Pg1 E Update Form Calculate Tuition Waiver Post Fee Waiver/ Exemption (TSEXPP) Make Copy Batch & File employee to come pick up form To Pg3 F To Pg3 P4 P5 P7 P8 P9 1

3 Bursar-sst. Manager Bursar-cct Clerk Employee Staff Scholarship Few Waiver (PC191) S IS Pg.3 Sept 4,2014 Pg2 Review Indicate which Course to Waive Update all RW records with TBR required code P4 P5 P6 P7 P9 0 2 Hyperion Report Fee waivers Create Reversal entries Create JV for ccounting ttach Report Forward to cctng. Pg1 F End Pg2 C P4 P5 P6 P7 P9 0 2

4 Pains & Issues: Please Read First: The issues and pain points identified during the s Is Process Mapping workshop and the nalysis workshop are noted below. The Issue is numbered and its Root Cause nalysis is in red text, preceded by RC prefix. 1. Process is paper RC: No electronic form or electronic signature process 2. Employee does not register for classes prior to submitting the form for approval RC: They do not follow the guidelines, slowing down the process 3. Paper forms lost, therefore process has to start from the beginning RC: There isn t tracking process in place for departments to know the last office that had possession 4. Staff Scholarships, if used along with a PC191, should be submitted secondary per TBR policy. PC191 covers fees that Staff Scholarship does not RC: Employees do not know or understand the rules 5. Course on PC191 does not match course registration. If employee has registered for multiple courses, then Bursar determines the course to be waived. Benefit office contacts the employee and ask them to clarifying the reason for the difference. RC: When employee registers within the allocated timeframe(4 weeks prior to first day of class) the original course requested may not be available, so they make substitutions 6. Revenue reversal process for TFF, facilities, online course fees, and provide report to the departments RC: There aren t specific banner codes to easily charge these items, so it is a manual process to track, summarize and create JV 7. Out-of-state fee charges are identified after original process and posting of the waiver. Fee assessment is based on residence codes. ll employees are exempt from out of state rates. Extra charges may show up on student account RC: Residence code is not identified when form is received in Benefits office 8. Obtaining several approval signatures RC: Not all signatures deemed necessary, some are just a stamp of approval. 9. Several handoff actions RC: Paper process 10. Bursar handles each form individually to update the record code to comply with TBR reporting requirements RC: There isn t a technical solution identified 11. Manual calculation of waivers using paper fee assessment document with tuition codes. Because fee assessments are not processed systematically until a later date RC: TBR has not approved fall fees at time waivers are processed 12. EVE residence verification RC: State law requirement

5 nalysis of the S IS process 1. re all roles essential? No could eliminate the Chair if they are not taking a day class and ean/vp/esignee signatures 2. What is the number of hand-offs? 4 3. re any steps automated? No 4. Iterations (how many times is process repeated in a timeframe)? Three times a year, fall, spring, summer 5. What tasks consume the greatest amount of time? Manual calculation fees, updating the record code, creating the reversal entries 6. oes the task add value? The ean /VP signature does not add value 7. What steps can be eliminated or automated? Create electronic forms to collect signatures. Find an IT solution to systematically convert the RW codes to meet TBR reporting requirements 8. What steps should be added? None 9. Percentage of errors (forms returned, corrected, contacted person for corrections, etc.) 20 %

6 Legends STRT Banner Student PC191.pdf Hyperion Excel Messages Manual Process End Pains Rpts To ecison text Text box Text box