Software history Philips 2K18 73x3/7503/7803/8303/8503/803/903 ranges

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1 Sftware histry Philips 2K18 73x3/7503/7803/8303/8503 ranges Philips 2K /6482/7002/7502/8102/8602/9002 ranges TPM171E _ Date: 2019/03/04 - Andrid Ore based sftware - Supprt fr Andrid Ore n OLED devices (9002/803/903) - Intrductin f Philips TV cllectin - Fix fr firmware update in shps - Fix fr OLED pixel shift issue - Fix fr netwrk nt cnnected message upper right crner (AC pwer cycle required) - Imprvements fr translatins - Imprvements f subtitle playback with MKV files - Imprvements fr cnnecting My Remte app - Imprvements fr UHD DVB-S receptin CTN s: xxx2/12 - Fix fr aut-switch ff after few minutes After the device has received this update, we recmmend t check in Ggle Playstre fr updates f privately installed apps, especially if yur preferred Andrid app update setting was set t N autmatic update TPM171E _ Date: 2018/11/26 - Andrid Ore based sftware - Andrid Ore new Hme Launcher with extra fcus n cntent - Update f Ggle apps - Supprt fr Amazn Alexa devices - Supprt fr Ggle Assistant devices - Imprvements fr YuTube playback - Hw-T vide rw added - Updated Channel Lg's and Strings Sftware histry Philips 2K18 73x3/7503/7803/8303/8503/803/903 ranges TPM171E _ Date: 2018/10/04 - Fix fr cntent brwser 4K mkv and M2TS playback issue - Fix fr junk bxes in the electrnic user manual - Fix fr satellite: Triclr/OP descrambling, NTVplus navigatin and dual tuner LNB 14V issues - Fix fr aut wakeup at 4am - Fix fr muted sund after search key and YT - Fix fr n reactin n Hme buttn - Update fr French, Finnish, German translatins - Updated Picture Quality - Updated esticker - Updated OFFRS TPM171E _ Date: 2018/09/04 - Fix fr satellite nt fund during installatin n OLED803/903

2 TPM171E _ Date: 2018/08/21 - Supprts intrductin f OLED903 TPM171E _ Date: 2018/08/02 - Fix fr RU Triclr issues - Fix fr USB playback incrrect rati fr 21 by 9 - Fix fr sund drps n USB playback f 4K mvies - Fix fr unwanted messages staying n the screen eg. N signal - Fix fr cracking sund when stpping YuTube playback - Imprvements fr stability N picture, n sund after startup frm standby Stuck in Philips lg screen after startup frm standby OLED TV starting with screensaver - Imprvement fr Germany Tele Clumbus installatin - Imprvement fr UPC channel installatin - Imprvement fr pwer cnsumptin - Update f PQ aviding OLED burn-in - Additin f Ggle security patch TPM171E _ Date: 2018/06/28 - Supprts intrductin f OLED803 - Supprts pwer n via RC5 universal remte cntrl - Supprts HDR10+ fr 8xx3 and higher - Supprt fr Iceland which is added t the cuntry list - Fix fr ech heard n HBBTV - Fix fr OLED screensaver activated every 2 min. when teletext subtitles are n - Fix fr PQ settings lst after standby - Fix fr Ambilight Hue lamps dimmed during SW upgrade in standby - Imprvement fr screensaver in shp mde - Imprvement fr DVB-C Telemach channel installatin time - Update fr channel lg s - Update fr wrng translatins TPM171E _ Date: 2018/05/30 - Supprts NRTV requirements fr 7xxx - Fix fr eum and translatin issues - Fix fr HDMI/CEC/ARC issues - Imprvements fr stability - Imprvements fr HBBTV - Update Ggle security patch TPM171E _ Date: 2018/05/18 - Supprts AL fllw flag - Supprts Albanian language - Supprts Freeview HD - Fix fr audi heard at 4AM n Sns Playbar - Fix fr audi multichannel, DTS-HD and ech sund frm TV and HDMI - Fix fr audi vlume cntrl ARC - Imprvements fr CEC/ARC behaviur - Imprvements fr AL screen ff mde lunge mde

3 - Imprvements fr HBBTV - Imprvements fr UK cmpatibility - Update fr Remte cntrl SW v15 - Update esticker v2.2 TPM171E _ Date: 2018/04/04 - Supprts intrductin f 8303 and 8503 ranges - Fix fr AL flicker - Fix fr HBBTV language selectin - Imprvement fr picture quality f 7xxx range - Imprvement fr audi - Imprvement fr TV Guide acquisitin - Imprvement fr general stability - Imprvement fr channel installatin - Update fr channel lg s TPM171E _ Date: 2018/02/26 - Initial SW fr the 2K18 73x3/7503/7803 ranges Sftware histry Philips 2K /6482/7002/7502/8102/8602/9002/973/873 ranges TPM171E _ Date: 2018/09/17 - Imprvements fr screensaver with TXT-subtitling n OLED devices - Imprvements fr system stability - Imprvements fr standby mde - Imprvements fr AL style in slideshw - Updated translatin string database TPM171E _ Date: 2018/06/18 - Imprvements fr AL Hue - Imprvements fr Ethernet cnnectin lss - Imprvements fr rder SmartTV apps - Imprvements in n screen messages - Imprvements in cuntry selectin channel installatin - Imprvements in Txt fr Turkish language - Intrductin Fllw flag in AL style TPM171E _ Date: 2018/05/21 - Imprvements fr sund interruptins after channel change - Imprvements t media playback - Imprvements fr ARC cnnectin - Fix t avid at audi being heard at 4AM/6AM n sme ARC devices - Fix fr standby issue with PS4 - Fix fr USB screen being shwn at bt-up - Fix fr OLED TV s where Clear Image Residue did nt wrk when triggering it thrugh settings menu - Fix fr TV switching t Ggle Play Mvies instead f HDMI - Updated translatin string database - RC SW update - Re-enable RC5 supprt

4 TPM171E _ Date: 2018/02/09 - Supprts intrductin f OLED873 and OLED973 range - Amazn is nw certified and preinstalled - Imprved audi perfrmance fr 55POS Fix t ensure successful updating f the remte cntrl (BT RC6H) - Fix t avid cnnectin lss and pairing issues with remte cntrl (BT RC6H) - Imprvements fr 4K USB playback - YuTube v2 playback imprvements - Imprvements in stability - Imprvements fr aut start-up TPM171E _ Date: 2018/01/08 - Andrid 7.0 based sftware - Update f Ggle apps - Reduced Upgrade time - Imprvements in stability - Imprvements in DVB-T2 bradcast receptin - Imprved PQ tuning fr 8602 range - Imprved audi tuning fr 55POS Enable checking fr new SW during virgin installatin - Fix fr smth streaming fr Blckbuster app with - Fix t avid Ethernet cnnectin lss - Fix fr "The channel list has been updated" OSD staying n screen all the time - Fix fr TV ging back t standby autmatically - Fix fr Scrambled channel" OSD after channel installatin - Fix fr HbbTV ntificatin being shwn smetimes when HbbTV was deactivated - Security fix fr WPA2 prtcl related t Key Reinstallatin Attacks (KRACK) - Update fr channel lg s - Updated translatin string database TPM171E _ Date: 2017/11/13 - Fix fr the lss f channel specifically using TeleClumbus-Germany TPM171E _ Date: 2017/10/27 - Imprvement fr PQ f 8102 and 8602 range TPM171E _ Date: 2017/10/16 - Fix fr missing channels in DVBC - Imprvement fr stability and n respnse TPM171E _ Date: 2017/10/06 - Supprts intrductin f 8602 range - Fix fr slw respnse f the set - Imprvement fr aut start-up - Imprvement fr YT playback - Imprvements fr stability/crashes - Update fr channel lg s - Update fr Remte cntrl SW

5 TPM171E _ Date: 2017/09/18 - Supprts intrductin f 8102 range - Imprvement fr PQ and gamma crrectin TPM171E _ Date: 2017/09/06 - Fix fr n reactin n Hme buttn - Fix fr Ambilight in screen dem - Fix fr lst/mixed-up channel list - Fix fr sund lss frm ARC (5.1 sund) after start-up - Fix fr HBBTV Denmark (DR) cntent playback - Imprvements fr lipsync ptical ut - Imprvements fr stability/crashes - Imprvements fr CEC TPM171E _ Date: 2017/06/29 - Imprvements fr netwrk cnnectin in case f lw signal - Imprvements fr Netflix recmmendatin TPM171E _ Date: 2017/06/09 - Supprts intrductin f 9002 OLED range - Fix fr reddish and t bright picture - Fix fr n TV Guide in DVBS - Fix fr lipsync when using sund system - Fix fr pink screen after startup n HDMI - Fix fr Videland buffering issue - Imprvements fr stability/crashes - Imprvements fr CEC - Imprvements fr startup behaviur (aut startup, n picture) - Imprvements fr pwer cnsumptin TPM171E _ Date: 2017/05/11 - Fix fr startup issues Green splash at startup N picture/n Ambilight at startup Nt able t startup TPM171E _ Date: 2017/04/25 - Initial SW fr the 2K /6482/7002/7502 ranges