Specialised IT Component Distributor. Syntech SA. 9 15th Avenue, Maitland, Cape Town, South Africa

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1 Syntech SA Specialised IT Component Distributor Syntech SA 9 15th Avenue, Maitland, Cape Town, South Africa 7405 Tel:(021) Fax: (021)

2 Who is Syntech SA? Syntech SA is an IT Hardware Distribution company based in Cape Town, South Africa. Established in 2002, the organisation constantly sources new products from a variety of international hardware manufacturers and local importers. Syntech has increased its product range year on year by adding new products that differentiate the company in the market. Through forging solid relationships with its suppliers and working with them to ensure that products are developed in accordance with market demand, the organisation can effectively compete with new technology and competitive pricing. What services does Syntech SA offer? The Staff at Syntech SA are trained and encourage to form relationships with our clients. We try to understand the individual needs of each customer and provide a taylored product mix and level of service to meet the specific needs. With our specialised solutions on memory and storage, Syntech SA caters for price sensitive clients as well as industry leading systems. The company offers a wide range technical services which include Memory and component upgrades, diagnosing of hardware problems and assembly of machines. All of these are performed by our highly trained technical department. Our comprihensive inventory list enables businesses to procure all of their computer hardware requirments from one source. Our distribution orientated business model and sophisticated logistics system ensures that all of our clients can expect cost effective solutions delivered on time.

3 What brands do we offer? Graphics We are an importer distributor of several brands including OCZ, Patriot, Gainward, G-Tech, Sonnet and BFG. Our product range has increased from a small range of Flash and specialised memory modules to a complete solution with several focused products that cater for specific requirements. We are always looking for new and unique items for the Southern Africa market. The latest games demand the latest hardware, BFG and Gainward cards can easily meet today s standards. From factory over-clocked products to affordable yet reliable products. Syntech SA understands the needs of today s gamer. Our Professional Display adaptors make use of the latest technology to optimise efficiency in the office. This technology is present in several industries and prevalent Design, Video and Architectural institutions. Professional Storage Solutions Apple Mac At Syntech SA we have recognised an exponential growth in the need for more storage space. Our range of high-end storage products cater for virtually every storage requirement. Sonnet and G-Technology offer RAID systems with capacities ranging from 250GB up to 32TB. G-Tech is specifically marketed towards Mac users, film crews and professionals requiring high capacity, fast and stable information transfers. Solid State technology is the future of storage. It requires less power, is more reliable and robust and is at least 4 times faster than SATA Hard Drives. Patriot s range of SSDs (Solid State Drives) has won numerous awards from magazines and internet sites, while OCZ s gaming memory is among the most reliable and recommended in the market. While the majority of our products are PC and Windows-based, Syntech SA puts a large focus on, and caters to, the Apple community of South Africa. Our product base offers memory upgrades for any Mac, as well as specially formatted external hard drives and storage solutions of high-resolution editing. We also carry a wide range of accessories and peripherals to ensure that you get the most out of your Mac, Syntech SA is always up-to-speed with everything Apple related. As soon as a new machine is relased to the market Syntech SA will have the necessary memory to upgrade.

4 Memory (RAM) Syntech SA has been distributing memory since We have a keen interest in this product line and have devloped systems which help us to prescribe the best suited memory modules for any specific environment. Computer memory is one of the most important components in a computer and directly influences the performance of a machine. More memory means, the computer can process more operations in less time, this makes your computer run faster. Our database of over unique memory modules ensures that we can assist with upgrades for virtually every computer manufatured in the last 15 years. Gaming PCs Office PCs Gaming Notebooks Office Notebooks Netbooks / Mini Notebooks Apple Mac Apple MacBook Servers Printers Syntech sources the finest memory brands from around the world. We look out for innovative brands that focus on R&D. Our brands also carry exceptional warranties and will be replaced wuth a new unit in the event that something goes wrong.

5 Replacements and Warranties We understand the demands for efficiency and minimal down-time in today s world. Syntech has implemented an efficient RMA procedure to minimise delays with Faulty Stock. All of our products are covered by their respective manufacturer s warranty periods and terms. Syntech SA upholds all of these promises as we know customers want the best after-sales service. If a product is suspected to be faulty our technical department will do all it can to replicate the necessary problem. Once a product is deemed faulty we will then take the necessary and efficient measures to replace the item, or give a suitable replacement. Marketing and Reviews We believe in third party judgement to verify the quality of our products. Our brands are reviewed on a regular basis throughout the Here are a few places that our products have been review with: Tom s Hardware ( Virtual Hideout ( Taiwan s Computer DIY Magazine NAG Magazine Benchmark Reviews.com ( TweakUp ( and Metku ( to name a few. Follow the press and relevent publications, as well as our website, for exciting new products available from Syntech SA.

6 Syntech SA 9 15th Avenue Maitland Cape Town South Africa 7405 Tel: Fax: