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1 SRM ARTS AND SCIENCE COLLEGE SRM NAGAR, KATTANKULATHUR DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER SCIENCE & APPLICATIONS QUESTION BANK ( ) Course / Branch : M.Sc-CST Semester / Year : Even / II Subject Name : SOFTWARE ENGINEERING Subject Code : CTC4A Faculty Name : V.S.PADMAVATHY Designation : ASST.PROFESSOR S.NO Unit I PART - A (Minimum 15 Questions with answers) 1.1 Define Software Engineering. April 2012,Nov What is meant by Portability? Nov What is the Primary goal of Software Engineering? 1.4 List out different size categories for s/w products. 1.5 Write any 6 factors that influence Quality and Productivity. 1.6 What are the skills required to develop a project? 1.7 Write some solution strategy to develop a product. 1.8 Write outline of an s/w verification plan. 1.9 List down the steps in planning a s/w project Define: Date Flow Diagrams. Nov What are large Projects? Nov Define the term: Robustness. Nov Write a note on: Hierarchical team structure. Nov List out factors involved in Project structure List out the decomposition techniques. Apr 2013, Apr List down the umbrella activities. Apr Write the various phases of water fall model. April Write a note on: Software scope. Nov Define : System software. April How does the process model differ from one and another? April What are five generic process framework activities? Nov What are the characteristics of software? Nov List down the software applications. Nov What is problem decomposition? Apr Define Process metrics Apr Write the various phases of waterfall model Apr

2 1.27 How do you choose the process model? Nov 2016 PART B (Minimum 10 Questions) 1.28 Describe about the distribution of Effort List out the steps in Planning the development process 1.30 Discuss the Developing a solution strategy Write notes on Management by objectives Discuss about successive version Discuss about Milestones, documents and Reviews Write the format of s/w Requirement Specification Discuss the factors to consider in Project planning. Nov Write short notes on: Project structure. Nov Discuss briefly on: Managerial Issues. Nov Write short notes on: Programming Team Structure. Nov Explain in detail about RAD model. Apr What are all the guidelines should apply when we collect software Nov 2013, Nov 2016 metrics? 1.41 Explain in detail about Software Myths. Nov Explain the essence of software engineering practice. Apr 2017 PART - C (Minimum 7 Questions) 1.43 Explain about Product Size Categories Explain about Managerial Issues Discuss the Goal and Requirements of Software Engineering Explain Cost Model. Nov Explain Prototype Life Cycle Model Discuss about Project Structure Discuss Programming Team Structure Explain the organization structure of software development. Apr Explain evolutionary model. Apr 2015,Nov Brief on Software sizing technique. Apr Explain the different layers of Software Engineering? Apr Explain Evolutionary Software Process Models. Nov Explain the various project management concepts in detail Nov Explain waterfall model and incremental process model Apr

3 S.NO Unit II PART A (Minimum 15 Questions with answers) 2.1 What are the major factors that influence s/w cost? Nov Define Algorithmic Cost Estimation. 2.3 Write short notes on Expert judgment. Nov What are the symbols used in dataflow diagram and mention its functions? 2.5 Define: Level of technology. 2.6 Write short notes on Programmer ability. 2.7 What is required level of reliability? 2.8 Draw the diagram for Product work data structure. 2.9 What are the three categories of software products under product complexity? 2.10 What is the advantage of expert judgment? 2.11 Define: Work Breakdown structure. Nov What are Direct Measures of the product? Nov List out the different names of risk components. Nov State the objectives of the formal technical reviews. Nov List any two frame work activities in design process. Nov Describe in detail, Software Measurement. Nov Explain Decomposition Techniques in Software Project Planning. Nov What are the factors of software quality? Apr What is software reliability? Apr What is RMMM Plan? Nov Briefly explain ISO 9000 Quality Standards Nov What are the five generic process framework activities? Nov Explain Product Complexity. PART B (Minimum 10 Questions) 2.24 Discuss Delphi Cost Estimation. Nov Write notes on work break down Structure Discuss about s/w maintenance cost Discuss about estimating software maintenance costs. Nov Write note on expert judgment Discuss briefly about Empirical Estimation Models. Nov Explain the basic concepts of project scheduling. Nov Discuss briefly about Empirical Estimation Models. Nov

4 2.32 Briefly explain make/buy decision. Nov Discuss about Risk Identification. Apr Explain briefly about the framework of software process. Apr Explain about measuring software quality. Apr Explain any four principles of risk management Apr Describe different types of software risks Nov Write short notes on ISO 900 quality standards Nov 2016 PART - C (Minimum 7 Questions) 2.39 Discuss the Major Factors of Software Cost? Nov Explain S/W cost Estimation Technique with example. Nov Explain Algorithmic Cost Model or COCOMO Model? 2.42 Explain the various project management concepts in detail. Nov 2012/Apr a)discuss briefly on software risks b) Write about timeline charts. Apr Explain in detail about scheduling. Nov What is the objective of the Formal Technical Review (FTR)? Discuss. Nov 2013, Nov Explain Decomposition Techniques in Software Project Planning. Nov 2012, Apr How software cost can be estimated? Nov What is software reliability? How do you measure? Apr What are the metrics for software quality metrics? Explain 2.50 Write short notes on a)quality b)quality control c)quality assurance d)cost of Quality Nov 2016 Nov 2014, Apr 2013 S.NO Unit III PART - A (Minimum 15 Questions with answers) 3.1 Write some Data Dictionary Entries. 3.2 Write down the desirable properties of software requirements specification. 3.3 Define PSL/PSA. 3.4 Define RSL/REVS. 3.5 Explain SSA. 3.6 Explain short note on Gist. 3.7 What are the major aspects of PSL? 3.8 Write the Expansion of PSL /PSA, RSL / REVS, SADT, SSA. Nov What are decision tables? Nov Write notes on Datagram. 4

5 3.11 What is meant by formats problem statement report? 3.12 Write notes on event tables and transition tables What are the characteristics of software risks? Apr What is meant by feasibility study? Nov What is version control? Nov Define: ER Diagram Nov Define: Data attributes. Nov 2013 PART - B (Minimum 10 Questions) 3.18 Discuss the format of a software requirements specification. Nov Explain about External Interface and Data Flow in s/w requirements Specification Discuss briefly on: State oriented Notations in formal specification techniques Explain the desirable properties of s/w requirements Discuss about any 2 formal notation Write notes on Implicit equations Explain recurrence relations Write briefly on regular expressions Discus briefly on PSL/PSA Write notes on SSA Nov Explain various software prototyping. Nov What is Requirements Engineering? Explain briefly. Apr Discuss briefly on a brief taxonomy of architectural styles and Apr 2012 patterns 3.31 What is Requirements Engineering? Explain briefly. Apr Explain business process Engineering overview. Apr Explain software architecture in detail. Apr With suitable example describe Version control and Change control Apr Illustrate the various analysis modelling with neat diagram Apr 2014, Nov Explain Modeling principles Apr Explain the thumb rules of requirement analysis Apr Explain the analysis rules of thumb. Apr Discuss the data modelling concepts of analysis model. Nov Write short notes on: Software Configuration Management. Nov 2012 PART - C (Minimum 7 Questions) 3.41 Describe any two languages for requirements specification. Nov

6 3.42 Explain Relational Notations Explain briefly on a)decision tables b)petri Nets 3.44 Discuss about Formal specification techniques Write about Structured system analysis Explain in detail about requirements engineering. Nov Describe in detail analysis principles Apr Explain Requirement Engineering in detail. Apr Explain requirement elicitation for software Nov Explain detail about the review guidelines Apr 2015, Apr Describe on the system engineering hierarchy Apr Define SCM. Explain in detail SCM repository. Nov 2016 S.NO Unit IV PART - A (Minimum 15 Questions with answers) 4.1 Define: HIPO diagrams. Nov List down any four design notations. Nov Write down the fundamental design concepts. 4.4 Write different types of abstract and its work. 4.5 Write down the characteristics of modules. 4.6 Write different types of test which satisfy the s/w product. 4.7 What is meant by concurrency in software design? 4.8 Define: Data flow diagram. 4.9 What is meant by structural test? 4.10 Write notes on level of abstraction in software design What are the activities involved in stepwise refinement List down the software design principles Nov Define. Cardinality Apr Mention the types of design model. Nov What is the element software configuration management? Nov What does a system engineering model accomplish? Nov 2016 PART B (Minimum 10 Questions) 4.17 Discuss about Coupling and cohesion. Nov Discuss briefly about design guidelines. Nov Write short notes on: Real-Time and Distributed System Design. Nov Discuss about Walkthroughs and Inspections. Nov Explain Abstraction and Information hiding in design concept. 6

7 4.22 Explain Procedure Templates Explain Pseudo code 4.24 Explain Structure Flow chart Explain Real-Time and Distribution System Design Discuss test plan Explain structure English and Decision Table Explain Integrated Top-Down Development What are the different types of coupling? Apr What are the configuration management issues for web applications? Nov Explain Requirement Engineering. Apr Explain about software architecture. Apr Illustrate the various analysis modelling with neat diagram. Apr Mention the golden rules of User Interface design. Apr Explain Data flow diagram with example. Nov Explain the architectural pattern. Apr Write about software architecture Apr Describe the architectural styles and patterns Apr How do you create a data flow model? Nov Explain the steps involved in component level design. Apr 2016 PART - C (Minimum 7 Questions) 4.41 Describe in detail, software design techniques. Nov Explain the fundamental design concepts in software design. Nov 2012, Nov Explain Modules & Modularization Criteria Explain Jackson Structure Programming Explain the metrics for the design model Apr Write the golden rules in User Interface Design. Apr 2012, Apr 2014, Apr 2017 S.NO 5.1 What is Static Analysis? Unit V PART - A (Minimum 15 Questions with answers) 5.2 Mention the methods of testing used for System testing 5.3 What are the activities done in Implementation? 5.4 Write the Automated tools for S/W Maintenance? 7

8 5.5 What is Acceptance testing. Nov Define Symbolic execution. Nov What are version control libraries? Nov What are test plans? Nov What is unit testing? Apr 2014, Apr 2012, Nov Define: Software Maintenance Nov What is Regression testing? Apr List down the different testing principle. Nov What is cyclomatic complexity? Nov Define alpha testing. Nov What is recovery testing? Nov Define basis path testing. Apr 2014, Nov List out the characteristic of testability of software Apr Write the meaning of block box testing. Nov 2016, Apr What do you understand about integration testing? Apr What is the difference between Verification and Validation? PART - B (Minimum 10 Questions) 5.21 Explain Inspection in s/w Engineering? 5.22 Explain Unit Testing Explain integration Testing 5.24 Explain Acceptance Testing Explain Input output Assertions Explain Weakest Preconditions Explain Structure Induction Explain Enhancing Maintainability during Development Discuss Source code Metrics 5.30 Explain any four automated tools for software maintenance. Nov Write short notes on Black Box testing. Apr Explain loop testing. Nov Discuss on conducting component level design Apr What is alpha and beta testing in a project? Nov Explain briefly the control structure testing. Nov

9 PART - C (Minimum 7 Questions) 5.36 What is static Analysis Explain? 5.37 Tell about Symbolic Execution? 5.38 Discuss about Unit Testing and Debugging? 5.39 Explain integration testing Nov Write about Formal verification? 5.41 Discuss about Enhancing Maintainability during development? Nov What are the Managerial aspects of Software Maintenance? 5.43 Illustrate the strategic approaches to software testing. Apr 2016, Apr What do you understand about basis path testing? Apr 2014 Explain Explain white box testing Nov Write the testing strategies for conventional software Nov What is system testing? Discuss the various system testing techniques Nov 2016 ***** 9