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1 DCARC Defense Cost & Resource Center DACIMS Library User Guide 10/25/2012 1

2 Contents DACIMS Overview Searching DACIMS Downloading 2

3 DACIMS Overview 3 Defense Automated Cost Information Management System (DACIMS) Holds over 18,000 cost and software data reports dated from 1966 to today Contains over 250 development, 275 production programs, and 6 MAIS programs Stores the following cost and software data reports: Cost Data Summary Report (DD Form 1921) Functional Cost-Hour Reports (DD Form ) Progress Curve Reports (DD Form ) Contractor Business Data Reports (DD Form ) Initial Software Developer Report Final Software Developer Report

4 4 DACIMS Folder Structure Click to get started MIL-STD-881C Appendix Identified by the prime contractor s WBS Program Name Designated MDAP name Weapon System Type Defines the type of product being delivered Acquisition Phase Development, Production, Sustainment Prime Contract Number Reporting Contractor(s) Includes all prime and subcontractors

5 DACIMS File Folders Within the Reporting Contractor folder, each submission made to the DCARC is stored within a file folder Each file folder contains the Cost Data Summary Report (1921), Functional Cost- Hour Reports (1921-1), Progress Curve Reports (1921-2), and DCARC Validation Memo 5

6 Searching DACIMS Click for Search Options This window allows for basic searching. Clicking Advanced Search allows the user to search data across multiple fields The Search function will only search the selected folder in the tree structure, so Current CSDR Library should be highlighted to maximize search results 6

7 7 Basic Search: Document View Selecting Document View when performing a basic search, will return a collection of documents related to a specific submission By clicking on the (File Folder) the user can access the associated cost report documents

8 8 Basic Search: File View Selecting File View when performing a basic search, will return a collection of individual files, which can be downloaded by clicking on the file icon under Files By clicking on the (File Folder), the user can access the entire submission and its associated documents

9 9 Advanced Search: Top Level Top level search details can be selected in any or all of the categories

10 10 Advanced Search: Lower-level Lower-level detailed search fields mirror meta-data fields on the Cost Data Summary Report (1921), Functional Cost-Hour Reports (1921-1), and Progress Curve Reports (1921-2) Lower-level fields can be searched in conjunction with top-level fields

11 11 Advanced Search: Example The user can perform a tailored search using any of the lower-level fields of detail Example search fields include: Start and End Upload Date, Mil- Handbook, Dev/Prod, Contract Type, Submission Event, and Contract Task Information

12 12 Advanced Search: Results Using the Advanced Search to tailor the search requirements at the lowest level of detail, DACIMS returned 10 Cost Report submissions that fit the required criteria:

13 13 Downloading Results to Excel Once the Advanced Search has been performed, the user has the option to export a summary of the search results to an Excel file:

14 14 Downloading Files To open a submission, click on the (Details) or (File Folder), to access the associated Cost Data Summary Report (1921), Functional Cost-Hour Reports (1921-1), and Validation Memo: To download the file to a hard drive, click on the file symbol ( or ), and save to a folder

15 Bulk Data Downloads Within DACIMS, the user is constrained to downloading files individually to their hard drives. However, for analysts that require a large amount of cost reports, they can submit a request for a Bulk Data Download: All requests for Bulk Data Downloads from DACIMS require approval from the DCARC Director. Requests should be sent to For additional questions or more information, please contact the DCARC IT Helpdesk at (571) , or 15