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2 SCAME AMR: the connection of tomorrow. Today. SCAME, always at the forefront in the electrotechnical field, has improved what was apparently no longer improvable by making its products, already appreciated for their quality and reliability, smart. That s how the AMR (Automated Meter Reading) project came about, by incorporating into an energy distribution system, being it a socket, distribution assembly or camping area pillar, additional functions which, until today, INTERLOCKED SOCKET OUTLETS DISTRIBUTION ASSEMBLIES JUNCTION BOXES 2

3 were only available through the use of different specific instruments. SCAME AMR: only those who have a history of innovation story can imagine an innovative future. Only those who have a 55yearold tradition can make it available today. 3

4 AMR System THE AMR SYSTEM In response to the growing focus on energy efficiency, the AMR system guarantees data logger functions, measuring and recording over time the energy consumption of any user device, thus helping to comply with Directive 202/27/EU on energy efficiency. Moreover, energy is measured not only in quantitative terms, but also in terms of quality: through constant monitoring of the system status and realtime reporting of any phaserelated malfunction, presence of earth, status of fuses and power factor, the AMR system guarantees the elimination of waste typical of supplied energy of poor quality and allows preventive maintenance to be carried out so as to zero out equipment repair costs and production downtimes. There is no innovation if there is no userfriendliness. The AMR managerial software, residing locally on the server or in cloud environment, makes it possible to receive alarms and manage events, which can be also conveniently scheduled through the calendar function in remote, from any connected PC. The integrability of the devices and of the AMR software with PLC, SCADA or other thirdparty systems, allows the acquired data to be transferred to company ERP. This is why the SCAME devices equipped with AMR functionality have obtained INDUSTRY 4.0 COMPLIANT certification. FUNCTIONS AND FIELDS OF APPLICATION The fields of application of the AMR system are endless, since the needs that the following AMR functions are able to meet are common to the most diverse applications: Data collection in terms of quantity and quality Consumption monitoring Monitoring from remote Load management Monitoring proper functioning of the socket Checking plug insertion Checking the presence of earth connection Checking the status of the fuses Sending of alarms CONTAINERS INDUSTRY PORTS These are all relevant parameters related to safety and to energy efficiency, whether we are talking about industry, container terminals, harbours, airports, worksites, camping or marinas. 4

5 HARDWARE AND INSTALLATION The essential is invisible to the eye. That which looks like on the outside as a normal industrial interlocked socket outlet, a distribution assembly or a standard junction box, when equipped with AMR function hides on its inside a circuit board with integrated WiFi module that does not require any additional wiring operations except those need to power the device itself, thus resulting in significant savings in terms of installation time, material and costs. AMR System Thanks to this circuit board, the distribution device performs a multiservice, providing power for proper functioning of the connected load and, at the same time, carrying out monitoring and management functions, with a % accuracy as regards current/voltage, and.5% for power/energy. A technological product designed to simplify the user s life should not complicate it by a difficult installation. This is why, through the dedicate app AMR Configurator, you can just scan, via smartphone or tablet, the QR code associated with the installed product to download the circuit board configuration files from the cloud environment. Devices equipped with AMR functionality are preset also for communicating locally with other AMR devices via Canbus channels or through proper ETH RS485 converter. 5

6 AMR System MANAGERIAL SOFTWARE AND INTEGRATION WITH EXISTING SYSTEMS The server has the function of monitoring the devices, processing their status and maintaining the latter for a set time, issuing notices in case of anomalous conditions. Through the sampling of energy data, the PC will be able to process information related to the consumption profile, representing the data in graphic form. The software can be structured in relation to customer needs. The system is able to make qualitative measurements: it is also possible to monitor the power factor, avoiding penalties related to a low Cosϕ, as well as to eliminate waste by controlling motors, lighting, heating, airconditioning, compressors, chillers, transformers, distribution lines and other utilities. The AMR software can be integrated with PLC, SCADA or other thirdparty systems, thus overcoming the typical problems of incompatibility among different platforms, which cause dangerous slowdowns in company processes. Instead, AMR guarantees data acquisition in the company s ERP systems for future strategic evaluations. Lastly, allowing real remote monitoring to be truly remote, the managerial software is accessible, with all data and graphics available on line, via web by connecting to the company server, or by accessing the AMR Storage Cloud, in the latter mode further reducing overhead and maintenance costs tied to the presence of a physical server. web service http AMR LOCAL SERVER/CLOUD modbus THIRD PARTY SYSTEM PLC 6

7 DATA LOGGER FUNCTIONALITY The AMR functionality comes equipped with a precise and extremely versatile energy meter, specifically designed to adapt itself to the most sophisticated applications that monitor electrical parameters and energy consumption, allowing realtime reading of all the collected data via the Internet. It is also possible to send, via or txt message, local alarms caused by any sort of anomalies, thus informing the Energy Manager in real time on the status of his system, through any device which can display a web page. AMR System REMOTE LOAD MANAGEMENT FUNCTIONALITY The AMR system is preset for load management, also from remote, either as a response to an alarm received or as the result of programming through the convenient calendar feature, which can be used to plan specific actions and activation/deactivation rules on a set day or at a set time. This function is particularly useful for planning routine maintenance or for automatically modulating the energy supply in view of scheduled events. The user can thus set one or more calendars for each device equipped with AMR function and associate alarm rules. During the activation phase, reports are generated on the start of calendar processing and on the true/false status of the calendar itself. The remote load management function, precisely for the fact that it generates an alarm as soon as the system starts to malfunction, represents the best way for preventing overload risks through the subsequent operation of disconnector switches and the disservice that would result from any machine downtime. 7

8 AMR System Sockets with cutout switch made of thermosetting material >50V VERSIONS WITHOUT FUSE HOLDER BASE IP66/IP67/IP69 ADVANCEGRP Series [AMR] WITHOUT BASE WITH BASE 6A 32A 63A 25A Poles Hz. Volt Colour h. 2P+T 50/ AMR AMR AMR AMR / P+T P+N+T 50/ AMR AMR AMR AMR AMR AMR AMR AMR AMR2587 Pack Quantity. VERSIONS WITH FUSE HOLDER BASE IP66/IP67/IP69 ADVANCEGRP Series [AMR] WITHOUT BASE WITH BASE 6A 32A 63A 25A Poles Hz. Volt Colour h. 2P+T 50/ AMR683F 403.AMR3283F 403.AMR6383F 503.AMR2583F 50/ P+T P+N+T 50/ AMR686F 403.AMR687F 403.AMR3286F 403.AMR32864F 403.AMR3287F 403.AMR6386F 403.AMR6387F 503.AMR2586F 503.AMR2587F Pack Quantity. BASES ADVANCEGRP Series 8 Description Per For one una socket presa For one socket with consumer unit Pack Quantity. Module DIN Module HxB (mm) Dissipate power (W) 6A32A 260x A 380x A32A 6 460x A 8 580x

9 VERSIONS WITH CIRCUIT BREAKER IP66/IP67/IP69 ADVANCEGRP Series [AMR] AMR System WITHOUT BASE WITH BASE 6A 32A 63A 25A Poles Hz. Volt Colour h. 2P+T 50/ AMR683M 403.AMR3283M 403.AMR6383M 503.AMR2583M 50/ P+T P+N+T 50/ AMR686M 403.AMR687M 403.AMR3286M 403.AMR32864M 403.AMR3287M 403.AMR6386M 403.AMR6387M 503.AMR2586M 503.AMR2587M Pack Quantity. MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE ADVANCEGRP Series [AMR] Description Management software for local server (*) (*) The standard solution features cloud configuration 499.AMRSW000 SOFTWARE INSTALLATION REQUIREMENTS (MAX. OF 00 DEVICES Minimum 20 GB of free space on the C:\ (mostly for SQL server). Minimum 4 GB of RAM. Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 0 The port 502 (TCP) must be open and accessible. Configure the firewall accordingly. SQL Server 2008r2 MUST NOT BE INSTALLED: it will be installed and configured during the setup phase. IIS Express MUST NOT BE INSTALLED: it will be installed and configured during the setup phase. SOFTWARE INSTALLATION REQUIREMENTS (MORE THAN 00 DEVICES) Server: CPU x Xeon 6 core.6 GHz, 6 GB RAM, 3 * HD 300 GB 5k rpm Operating system: Windows Server 202 r2 Database server: SQL server 204 standard WIFI SPECIFICATIONS IEEE 802.bgn 2,4 GHz Required a good WiFi network 9

10 AMR System JUNCTION BOX FOR WALL MOUNTING IP56 SCABOX[AMR] Series Description Package/Packing. Dimensions (mm) AMRBOX WIFI 300x220x20mm 686.AMR2090 CURRENT TRANSFORMERS SCABOX[AMR] Series Description Current transformer Package/Packing. TA 6A/32A 686.AMRTA032 TA 63A 686.AMRTA063 TA 25A/225A 686.AMRTA225 0