Managed Nectar & Sonus SBC Offer: Providing Deep Diagnostics and Real-Time Visibility for Sonus Session Border Controllers

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1 SELL SHEET Managed & Sonus SBC Offer: Providing Deep Diagnostics and Real-Time Visibility for Sonus Session Border Controllers Overview: The Audio Quality and Deployment Challenge As a key business driver, the inevitable migration from PSTN to SIP is yielding significant operational efficiencies for a multitude of enterprise customers, including superior flexibility, a smaller hardware footprint, increased resilience, and improved business continuity. With these benefits, however, come serious migration challenges, such as poor audio quality. Choosing the best, fully-integrated Unified Communications (UC) tool can resolve deployment issues that your enterprise customers may experience with their specific UC platform or SBC (Session Border Controller). The /Sonus Solution: Scalable, Centralized Management and Deep Forensics for Sonus SBC Environments The key to resolving these migration concerns is s Unified Communications Management Platform (UCMP). It offers a wealth of forensic data to solve critical customer needs by providing complete visibility into the health and performance of the SIP network and the SBC. By tracking both signaling and media, can effectively isolate issues related to the internal network, the SIP service provider, or the SBC itself. Total visibility eliminates finger pointing and ensures that corrective actions occur in a timely manner thereby reducing time to resolution, guaranteeing optimal voice quality, and ensuring a superior user experience. Synergy with Sonus: Joint Development Effort Integrates Technology with Sonus SBC 1000 and 2000 Now, through a joint technology development effort with Sonus a global leader in secure and intelligent cloud, and Sonus have integrated the capability for s UC Diagnostics to offer deep diagnostic data for the Sonus 1000 and 2000 SBCs without requiring probes or remote UC Diagnostics servers to be co-located with the SBCs. Using this collaborative approach, can now provide your enterprise customers with deep forensics and unsurpassed visibility into the health and performance of the Sonus SBC infrastructure and provides session level diagnostics at the carrier demarcation point. From a centralized location, s UC Diagnostics (UCD) technology provides full signaling and media analysis on both the public and private side of the SBC without the need for network taps or SPAN ports. This enables complete session visibility so you can take a proactive approach to quickly identifying signaling issues and media quality problems before they can negatively affect the user experience. SBC 1000 (up to 24 FXS, 8 FXO, 8 BRI, 2 PRI) 160 Sessions SBC 2000 (up to 16 PRI, 48 FXS) 600 Sessions Award winning Session Border Controllers for Skype For Business deployments Interoperable with Cisco, Avaya, ShoreTel, TDM PBXs and analog endpoints Local survivability, including Lync/Skype for Business Survivable Branch Appliance (SBA) and BroadWorks Easy to install and manage Nemertes annual IP Telephony and Unified Communications total cost of operations research shows that IPT/UC operational costs are on the rise for most organizations as they struggle to reduce mean time to repair and to proactively prevent service issues before they occur, and that use of third-party management tools results in operational cost savings. IRWIN LAZAR, VP AND SERVICE DIRECTOR, NEMERTES RESEARCH. COMMUNICATIONS TEST & MEASUREMENT PRACTICE Property of Services Corp. TM

2 Further, the jointly developed, UC Diagnostics and Sonus SBC solution provides Centralized Management a single UC Diagnostics system can be installed in a centrally located and secure data center to monitor Sonus SBCs deployed at remote sites. This eliminates the number of remote UC Diagnostics servers that must be installed, and dramatically decreases maintenance costs. UC Foundation Functionality for Monitoring Sonus SBCs Alarming and alerting Card & port status Session statistics Attempts, completions, rejections, blocks DSP usage Environmental Power, fan, temperature UC Diagnostics for Sonus SBC Key Benefits Full probe functionality with no probe required. Significantly reduces operations and maintenance costs since UC Diagnostics devices are not physically deployed at remote sites. Enables monitoring of all remote SBCs via a single, centrally located UC Diagnostics system with no loss of functionality. Facilitates monitoring and rapid turn up of new sites by means of a simple configuration change on the Sonus SBC. Creates a clear point of demarcation between the Enterprise and the Carrier. Proactively monitors the health, performance, and capacity of the SBC infrastructure. Tracks and monitors SIP signaling errors on both sides (public and private) of the SBC. Provides clear RTP quality measurements on both sides of the SBC. Address all facets signaling, media, hardware and Service Provider. Ensure quality end-user experience for SIP calls. Real-Time SIP Session Management and Real-Time Media Analysis UC Diagnostics Functionality Feature Bracketing Real-Time Media Statistics Media KPI SIP Response Codes Signaling Packet Capture KPIs Site Tracking Related Sessions Description Isolates issues to internal (private) or external (public/pstn) side of your SBC demarcation point signaling and/or media Provides real-time, during call, media analysis to show the true end user experience Offers current and historical key performance indicators for alerting and trending (MOS, packet loss, jitter, etc.) Identifies unexpected SIP termination/error codes and quickly finds problem sessions Quickly debugs hard to find signaling issues Includes current and historical (signaling) key performance indicators for alerting and trending (post-dial delay, etc.) Delivers site-based session tracking and reporting to identify systemic versus local failures (heat map view) Swiftly identifies and relates all legs of a calll

3 ScanSource Managed Offer Pricing is based on maximum concurrent SIP sessions (as licensed on the SBC). Minimum volume is 100 concurrent sessions. Clients with multiple SBC s can aggregate the total number of concurrent sessions across all deployed SBCs to qualify for volume discounts. Installation OpEx: $x.xx per SIP Session/Month MSRP Pricing SIP Session Basic Offer Monitoring Advanced Offer & Diagnostics Montoring Year Options 1 year 3 year 1 year 3 year 1 year 3 year $ 1.15 $ 1.09 $ 1.98 $ 1.88 $ 3.18 $ $ 1.08 $ 1.03 $ 1.75 $ 1.66 $ 2.81 $ ,000-4,999 $ 1.02 $ 0.97 $ 1.55 $ 1.47 $ 2.46 $ ,000-9,000 $ 0.78 $ 0.74 $ 1.36 $ 1.30 $ 2.17 $ ,000-19,999 $ 0.66 $ 0.63 $ 1.19 $ 1.13 $ 1.91 $ ,000-29,999 $ 0.56 $ 0.53 $ 1.05 $ 1.00 $ 1.66 $ ,000+ $ 0.48 $ 0.46 $ 0.93 $ 0.88 $ 1.46 $ 1.38 Professional Services Powered by ScanSource 24x7 Event Monitoring and Fault Management on the following components: SBC/SBA Vendor Knowledge Module (VKM) Basic UC Foundation (UCF) SBC Rig Connection Dashboards SNMP monitoring/trap receiver Device health and wellness Trunk utilization Advanced Unified Communications Diagnostics (UCD) Health, Monitoring UC Foundation included Signaling & Audio/Video Capture Quality of Service (QoS) policy verification MOS, Jitter, Latency reporting on network performance VoIP service monitoring SBC configuration to UCD Shared certificate integration on UCD and SBC to enable encrypted tunnel

4 ScanSource Managed SIP Service SIP SIP Remote SBC Installation Yes Yes Remote RIG Server Installation Yes Yes Reporting Yes Yes SLA Yes Yes Change Management Yes Yes Resolve Fault and Events No Yes Incident Escalation Support Yes Yes Incident Escalation Support and Remediation Yes Yes Toll Free Phone Support Yes Yes Support Yes Yes SBC Management Yes Yes SBC Traffic Montoring No Yes SBC Traffic Troubleshooting No Yes Carrier Escalation & Remediation No Yes Software Update Installation and Testing Yes Yes Install Pricing MRSP Pricing Implementation/Installation Services MSRP Price does not include the RIG/ Recommend either a 3550 or HP DL Configuration of Rig with for $ Each additional Rig $ Configuration of Rig with for $1, Each additional Rig $ Price does not include the SBC SW Integration with SBC for $ Each Additional SBC Integration $ SW Inegration with SBC for $1, Each Additional SBC Integration $616.00

5 Offer Options Sonus SBC Options HW HW SW Integration Service Option A SBC 1k or 2k # of Lic Int SBC for Option B SBC 1k or 2k # of Lic Int SBC for Option C SBC 1k or 2k # of Lic Int SBC for Option D SBC 1k or 2k # of Lic Int SBC for HW SW Timeframe Integration Service # of Lic 1 Yr Config Rig w/ # of Lic 3 Yr Config w/ # of Lic 1 Yr Config w/ # of Lic 3Yr Config w/ Basic Monitoring Advanced Montoring SW Timeframe SW Timeframe # of Lic 1 Yr na na # of Lic 3 Yr na na na na # of Lic 1 Yr na na # of Lic 3 Yr Conclusion: Unparalleled SIP & SBC Visibility Combined with Unsurpassed Investment Protection understands that enterprise organizations are continuing to face new and ongoing complex operational challenges. Through strategic relationships with industry leaders, like Sonus for example, is addressing these challenges, and more, by constantly enhancing its technology and adding value to its modular UCMP framework further revolutionizing the way in which UC applications, systems, and networks are managed and deployed. By providing a simple, cost-effective migration strategy from UCMP for SBC to a fully operational UC infrastructure with session monitoring (SIP, Skinny, H.323, Lynch/Skype for Business, for example), can provide your enterprise clients with unrivaled investment protection across their entire geographically dispersed, multivendor UC environment. Now that s financial peace of mind. For more information: Americas Europe, Middle East, and Africa Asia Pacific Latin America The logo is a trademark of Services Corp. Other company, product, or service names mentioned herein may be trademarks or service marks of their respective companies. This document may contain forward-looking statements regarding future events or product enhancements. All statements other than present and historical facts and conditions contained in this document are predictions and reflect our current beliefs and expectations with respect to future events. Any forward-looking statements are based on information available to as of the copyright date, and assumes no obligation regarding such statements. TM 2017 Services Corp. All rights reserved. v1117