Most sites will ask for a user name, address and password. Instead of using your full name, consider a fun user name that protects your privacy.

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3 Touring the Sewing Internet can be safe and fun. Most sites will ask for a user name, address and password. Instead of using your full name, consider a fun user name that protects your privacy. An example is SewingSusie If the name is already use you can add to it with numbers. SewingSusie123 Get a sewing address. It s a good idea to keep your web mail separate from addresses used for family and friends. Free addresses are available at Gmail, Yahook, Outlook (Hotmail), AOL You will also need a password for many sites. A common password would have 8 characters with a capital letter and number Janome9K

4 Most forums will ask you to register and create an account. With your sewing persona you are ready to go.

5 Many websites will have you enter a code to verify you are a person and not a machine. This verification code helps stop spammers and spybotsfrom obtaining your address and other personal data.

6 If you forget your password, most sites can send it to you. Be sure to check the sewing address you entered when registering. The passwordwill be sent to that address. If you do not see the , check the junk mail or spam folders.


8 Many sewing companies are small and use Facebookas a way to communicate. Set a sewing Facebookaccount and keep it separate from the one you use for family and friends.


10 It s easy to set your security in Facebook. Just click on the Settings account in the upper right corner.

11 You can have fun on Facebookwithout being friends with anyone. This lets you view Facebookpages but not get from others. You can always make changes in your choices.

12 Websites with Facebook pages usually have a link to their Facebook page on their home page.



15 Shopping on line can be safe if you take a few precautions. PayPal is easy to use. I link mine to a credit card instead of my bank account. Other options are a credit card that is only used for online purchases. For shopping without leaving crumbs consider a prepaid credit card.



18 Web Browser A web browseris a software applicationfor retrieving, presenting and traversing information resources on the World Wide Web. The major web browsers are Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari. You can download and install more than one web browser on your computer if you have a favorite.

19 PDF World English Dictionary -PDF is the abbreviation for portable document format, a computer file format for the transmission of a multimedia document that is not intended to be edited further and appears unaltered in most computer environments. PDF files can be viewed on computers with the Windows and Mac operating systems and on mobile devices such as ipads, Android tablets, and smart phones. PDF files are often called Adobe PDF files -the company most widely known for known for creating PDF readers. You need a PDF reader to view PDF formatted files. Adobe Readeris a free download at

20 Application Application software, also known as an application or an app, is computer software designed to help the user to perform specific tasks.

21 Tool Bar Atoolbaris a GUI (graphical user interface) widgeton which on-screen buttons, icons, menus, or other input or output elements are placed. Toolbars are seen in most all applications including office suites, graphics editors, and web browsers. Pay attention when downloading and installing software from a web site. Make certain that it isn t putting a tool bar on your computer that you do not want. Ask, Yahoo, and Goggle often do this.

22 Forum An internet forumor message boardis an onlinediscussion site where people can hold conversations in the form of posted messages. Forums have a specific set of jargon associated with them (e.g. a single conversation is called a "thread ). Most forums have the option to be notified by when there are posts to specific threads of interest. Check the control panel for the forum for such settings.

23 Blog An online diary on a website intended for public viewing and commenting Most blogs have a specific theme or subject matter they typically cover. There are many fashion and sewing related blogs with excellent information including tutorials and advice on the subject matter.


25 There are thousands of sewing groups both local and online. Sewing-related forums and blogs will often provide a forum for sewing groups that might be in your area. Check the forums for Local Groups forums. Forums participants will often post meeting times for sewing groups. Yahoo has thousands of on line sewing groups. You can get individual messages from the group or a daily digest. Due to the sheer number of groups, try to narrow and limit your search. For example just don t search sewing but try something more specific such as sewing machine embroidery.

26 Local Groups Forums



29 is a great place to locate a sewing group in your area.



32 Forums are a great way to communicate with other sewers. Some are sponsored by a company or an event. There are also general sewing forums. Many forum posters also have personal Blogs about their sewing. You can click to their blog using the link they post





37 These are just a few examples of what is on the Internet for thesewer. Have fun!