Company Presentation. Mission: We supply the innovative metering solutions for energy and water consumption

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1 Company Presentation Mission: We supply the innovative metering solutions for energy and water consumption

2 History Founded in 1946 by Olaf Kamstrup Family-owned until 1990 Wholly owned by Denmark s biggest Danish-owned petrol and oil company, Olieselskabet Danmark (OK) since million ultrasonic meters supplied since million electricity meters supplied since million remotely read meters

3 Kamstrup world-wide 900 employees - 80 new jobs in new jobs in new jobs in Organisation Branch offices in Holland, Poland, Norway, Sweden, Great Britain, France, Russia, Finland, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Romania, Serbia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Austria, the USA, China, India, Singapore, Dubai, South Africa and Chile Distributors in 43 countries

4 Product Range Kamstrup Meters: electricity heat cooling water All Kamstrup meters are developed with a view to stability precision flexibility durability without service requirements Plug and play modules for all meters secure flexibility

5 Product Range Kamstrup Communication media: Radio GSM/GPRS M-Bus LON RS232 TCP/IP Hand terminal Ethernet/IP Wireless M-Bus High Power RadioRouter Metasys N2 SIOX Data module ZigBee Automatic data transmission secures a reliable result Customized AMR/AMM and smart grid solutions

6 Production High-technology automated production facilities specially developed for Kamstrup Flexible production capacity Quick and flexible supplies Fully integrated quality and environment system ISO 9001, ISO 14001, Accreditation: ISO 17025, MID: Module D approval OHSAS Certification of IT and information security DS/ISO/IEC Autonomous groups with well-defined tasks and responsibilities

7 Product Range Kamstrup Service & Support: installation engineering operation Web service Product service concept Optimal operating efficiency

8 Financial status Strong financial situation Profit 2013: 25 million EUR Increasing turnover 2013: 173 million EUR 2012: 169 million EUR 2011: 159 million EUR 2010: 123 million EUR 2009: 113 million EUR 2008: 126 million EUR 2007: 118 million EUR 2006: 98 million EUR Equity: 56 million EUR

9 World largest system Why CO2 neutral in 2030 Saving m3 water/year Innovative and futureorientated How You can t control if you don t meassure new heatmeters remote read Hour values, leakdetection, selfcontrolling meters Data used to optimise the production of heat Change customer behaviour

10 The project European tender 2011 Delivery and installation of meteringpoints 2012 European tender 2014 Delivery and installation of meteringpoints 2014 Project end 2017 Turnkey solution Contact to costumers Planning Installation Registration

11 The project implemmentation Dokumentation Online projektsite SharePoint Adgang via login og password Kommunikation Projectstatus Easy datasharing

12 Device Exchange System A planningtool without paper and pen Complete joblist for the single installer Photos, barcode, printer Registration of old and new meter Transferred to database at the end of installation Booking of time

13 Performance Performancetest for every delivery of meteringpoints 99,7% within 8 hours 100% within 24 hours Hourly values Message if leakage Alarm for burst/broken pipe Automatic DES system Integration towards several IT systems Obliged to educate 30 installers meters per month Hosted solution

14 The oveview

15 The meter Multical Flow meters 3 temperature sensors Leak surveillance Pulse counter Data logger Radio Mesh connection Electronic control of energy meters Electronic collection of data 24 V in all installations

16 Leakdetection Reduction of the make-up water supply and pumping capacity of the utility Warning about leaky hot-water supply tanks Improved environmental protection m3/year Increased consumer service and protection of household goods Cost neutral investment A reduction of the consumers insurance premium

17 Meter self control

18 Savings with self control

19 The application for the mobilphone

20 Changing the customer behaviour