How to install the squash bee survey app on your ANDROID device

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1 How to install the squash bee survey app on your ANDROID device

2 Thank you for participating in the squash bee survey! We have several format options for taking the survey: smartphone app web browser Printable PDF - returned to us through or mail. Links to these are available at the following website: This is the link to download the smartphone app:

3 The remainder of this tutorial is focused on installing the smartphone app on an ANDROID phone Selecting the install link for the smartphone will open the page you see on the right, in your phone s web browser. The text Squash Bee Survey gives you information about the project. This information will also be available later. Tap the button.

4 Installing AppSheet Before installing the survey, first we must install AppSheet. Selecting the Install button from the previous page will bring you to this page that is asking permission to install AppSheet. Tap the button to continue.

5 Installing AppSheet Your phone has now opened Google Play Store or other app provider. Note: your phone may be setup to automatically go to another app provider, so choose that, it will work the same. We will now install the App: Tap the button to continue.

6 Installing AppSheet It may take a moments for the app to download and install. Once the process is complete an open button will appear: Tap the button to continue.

7 The squash bee survey Every time you open the survey on your phone, it will quickly update to ensure you have the most recent version of the app. Once this is complete, the app will move you right into the survey.

8 The squash bee survey Welcome to the Squash Bee Survey! If you have made it to this screen, everything is set up and you are ready to enter data. Select the button to continue.

9 The squash bee survey The survey consists of 2 parts: 1. Grower/Gardener Questionnaire: a. b. c. 2. Growing practices: tillage, watering, mulching, insecticides Kinds of crop grown and observed Area of garden / farm and the space allotted for cucurbits Bee Observation a. b. c. How to do the observations Bee identification Data entry & Photo submission These are the types of questions in the survey: text typed by you multiple choice or single choice entering numbers Questions that allow multiple answers will direct you to check all that apply. Questions with an asterisk are required for submission.

10 We are asking for the last 4 digits of your phone number so that we can group your submissions together if you participate multiple times. These questions are optional; provide them if you would like to be contacted with updates about the project. This multiple choice question drops down a menu of options (shown on the next slide). Select the to view possible answers This single choice question only allows 1 answer. Only tap on one of the two boxes.

11 Multiple choice questions This is an example of how the options will look once the is selected for a multiple choice. You may notice that the question at the top is cut off. If you need to reread the question you can either: select DONE and return to the survey or turn your screen onto it s side for a wider screen. Once you have made your selections, Select to continue the survey. Note: the question shown on the right asks to check all that apply, therefore multiple answers are permitted.

12 Single choice questions There is also a drop down menu for questions that only allow 1 answer. In these cases the drop down icon is a downward arrow. Tap the icon to view the response choices. This menu will be shown on the next page.

13 Single choice questions On the right is the drop down menu for a single choice question. You may notice that the question at the top is cut off. If you need to reread the question you can either: select done and return to the survey or turn your screen on it s side for a wider screen. Once you have made your selection, Tap to continue the survey. Please note that this question only permits 1 answer.

14 Bee observation protocol On the right are the screens that explain to you in the app how to do bee observations. The red arrows on the right point to links: if you tap on them they will take you to resources that help with bee identification. These links will open in separate internet browser windows.

15 Bee observation - data entry These act as counters, please tap to make the numbers go up or down. To evaluate how well you are able to identify squash bees, we ask you to upload a clear photo of a squash bee. Try to go close to the bee with the camera so we can see the features on the body that allowed you to identify it as a squash bee. Please make sure the bee is in focus! No file size limit!!!

16 Taking and uploading photos The app will ask your permission to access photos, media and files, on your phone. The app will only collect files that you specifically upload. A second box will appear asking permission to take pictures and video. Tap the option on both windows to continue.

17 Taking and uploading photos Once you have allowed the app to access your pictures and camera, it will ask you to select a photo source. You can either take a photo or upload a photo you have already taken. Select the option that matches your preference. Please note that there is no file size limit for the photo and only one photo can be uploaded per survey.

18 Submitting the survey Once the observations are completed and the photo is uploaded, you are ready to submit the survey. Tap the button to submit the survey.

19 Submitting the survey The app will take a moment to submit the survey. Once this is done, the app will move you to the next page.

20 Looking around in the menu From this screen, you have many options. Tap this to open menu, (located on top left). This is to start a new survey (at the bottom). This is to sync with the latest version of the app, but you will not need to use this.

21 Looking around in the menu This is the drop down menu that results from tapping the menu button in the top left corner of the screen. If you would like to learn more about cucurbits, their life history and pollination, select the button. If you would like to read more about the project, select the button.

22 To view the Cucurbita Fact Sheet, tap on the image or the words. This will open a PDF file in a separate window.